Saturday, March 21, 2009

So Smooth and Gone Too Soon

{song can be heard on Playlist down on the right-song #47}

Close to You by Karen Carpenter

Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

*On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.
That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.


Wahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Wahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Hahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.
Lahhhhhhhhhhh, close to you.


Anonymous said...

One of Karen Carpenter's best, her untimely death (due to heart failure secondary to Anorexia) was tragic. Her music lives on --- forever. I am told that CONTROL is the real issue ---even more tragic.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Well, you would have to know - since we are birds of a feather - same NEST maybe! - that I'd be a Karen Carpenter fan.

On my recent trip to San Francisco I took one of her CD's and belted it out until I was hoarse.

This is a bedtime lullaby I STILL sing to my son sometimes. (Don't tell anyone because he's 14. But my kids still ask me to sing to them. Yay!)

I bet you sing it to Your Little Someone, too. :)

Bz said...

Boy, we are birds of a feather! Funny how that is. Yes, you're right, I do sing to her- often. At2 1/2, she knows most of the words to 'Dream a Little Dream'... I've GOT to get it on video.

Robynn's Ravings said...

YES!!! PLEASE GET IT ON VIDEO and SHOW us. YOu will kick yourself if you miss it. I missed things I wish I hadn't. Don't let the grass grow on this one! I'll be waiting. :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh, and Dream a Little Dream? My ALL time favorite Mama Cass song. One day girl, we are gettin' together! I'm bringin' the guitar!