Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Pop Quiz

What Mythological Creature are You?

I am a Centaur.
In general, you are a very cautious and reserved person. However, you are also warm hearted, and you enjoy helping others in practical ways. You are a great teacher, and you are really good at helping people get their lives in order. You are very intuitive, and you go with your gut. You make good decisions easily.

Wow, much of this is so flattering... makes me just want to go take the quiz again (ha). Interestingly enough I am a licensed psychotherapist and Certified Teacher- did both for a number of years (not sure how many lives I "helped get in order" though). Funny, never thought of myself as a 'go with your gut' person. Hmmm, maybe I do but always insist that my brain back it up with data. Hmmm....

So, what mythological creature are you? To take this short, 5 question quiz, click HERE and let me know!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Sunbathing Among Nature

This 'ole grey mare' is 29 years old. I've had her for 27 of those years. I cannot say enough about her right now... so I'll just tell you, she's priceless.
I caught her taking a break in front of the trough. I am waiting for the day to get a little of Nature's vitamin D, myself.

(Sorry for the graininess of the pic- it was taken from f-a-r away.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The High Country

My folks are going to the high country (Colorado) for a bit, so my dad had the county come clear their drive for when they arrive. You an see here, his weather cam picked up the movement of the snow plow. This view is looking out from their porch- you can just see a part of the firewood stack on the porch at the bottom of the pic.

Below pic taken in summer from road where snow plow was...

To Follow or Not to Follow *AND* Why I Blog

So, I was over at another blog. I only follow six. And she had a post about "Followers". Now, for those not in bloggy land, one can "follow" another's blog. If you follow someone, anytime that person has posted, it will show up on one's blog-owner 'dashboard'-it's called. Some people have a follower's gadget that has little pics of their "Followers" and it has a link to click on where people can become a follower. Some people are quite popular with Followers garnering many quickly and others, like me, don't have so many. I don't have the Followers gadget up- which doesn't mean that people cannot 'follow' me. But, by not having it up as an invitation, I don't think people are as encouraged to try and "follow".

Back to the story, so I visited this other blog that I follow. She had a post about this very subject. In her post, she asks the following question regarding "Following":

How do you feel about followers and following?

Well, since she is someone I follow, I commenced on leaving my "thought" for her via her Comment's button. Let me just say, it was so wordy (and I spent enough time on it) that I thought I would use my response as a post. More importantly, it says why I blog.

Here it is:

What a good topic... something I've been pondering for some time now. I'm going to try to keep this short (ha, we'll see). This whole blogging thing. I do it as a way to ?? journal, if you will... to have a ?? keepsake for my daughter to go back and read (I've read that we can save our blogs to a disk if we wanted)... anyway, in the "olden" days, many 'journaled' about their trials and everyday whatnot. I want my daughter to, hopefully, 'hear' my voice someday. Hence, I blog.

ANYway.... blog "followers"??... to each his/her own. But for me, I would get too wrapped up in it. I know this... and I don't want that to take time away from my family and other things I should be doing... it's sad, but true... that's why I don't put that "follower" thing up .... I would get all wrapped up in it ... like a weakness... like chocolate. If chocolate is in the house and I want some, I will eat it. No chocolate in the house, oh well. If I had "followers" (I only have 2), but if I put that button thing up and got more or lost any (of my precious two), I will do just what you did- spend energy and time on it... and I worry enough about things that are not in my control, I certainly don't need more.

So, that's how it is for me. If I don't have them ('followers'), I don't have to experience the loss :-) -boy, is THAT sad or what!?!... BUT, also, I don't think I will feel as obligated to post. I've had talks already with myself about my priorities and focus and GET OFF THE COMPUTER.

I have to say, getting "Comments" is addicting though... it's nice getting strokes. You know rats will starve themselves to death just to get strokes... seriously, I remember in Grad school, a study that looked at rats that had an electrode hooked to the pleasure center of their brain. They could push a lever and get a quick stimulation to that part of the brain. Well, those dad-gum rats died pressing that darn lever. Food and water were available- and they are pleasurable- but not as instant as a push of the lever. Sad.

Okay, so this rat's declining a sort of lever- because I would be too engrossed in it... I'm weak, weak, I say... where's the chocolate?!?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Much for "Free Woman Monday"

(see previous post)

... because I got a blasted ticket(!) Gees, I was not even speeding much. You may say 'much?', but Texas has many an open road where it's just ??? (sorry for the poor word choice) ...dumb to go any slower. I was on a 3-lane feeder road that was empty with no side roads entering for a long ways. 60 in a 50. **sighhh** AND, my registration was out. For the record, I've never gotten a ticket for overdue registration. Aarrghhh.

Now, the registration part... plain brain lapse on my part. Fine. Yes. Totally slipped past me. I swear, you'd think I was pregnant and donating brain cells. Wait, I was. When the registration came due was when I was pregnant-close to 2 months at the time and I was one tired pup. Yeah, yeah, I know-excuses, excuses... but I honestly was so dog tired during that time. Still no excuse.

The pain in the backside of it is WHERE I have to go to remedy all. We live 'out in the country' so to speak. Our little one light town is 5 minutes from us... but it's a one-light-town... so when we say, "Going to town", we mean further away. Then there's REALLY "going to town"... that's even farther and it is HOUSTON. I had left my doc's office which is on the edge of H-town~ a place that has such a far reaching grasp that even with being 15 minutes away from doc's office, I was still in the "big city"... where I got my ticket. That means DEEP downtown to take care of it at their scheduled date and time of 7 PM- that's in the evening(!) -and it's a place where only one would want to go if they were armed. Now, I have my CHL (concealed handgun license), but that doesn't mean I want to arm myself.

Hence, the "Arrgghhh" of it all. Hmmm, maybe I can get something done by mail... will have to make some calls and see. I sure hope so.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Free Woman Monday

Well, I will be off to the doc this Monday morning -just routine checkup- and trying to get some shopping done afterwards. Grandma & Grandpa are in town watching our Little Someone and so for a couple or so hours I will be a free woman(!) ... whoo-hoo! appointment! Whoo-hoo grocery shopping!

Fact of the matter, our Little Someone won't miss me a bit with and adult-sized playmate at her side and someone else making sure all is safe. Catch is, can you guess which is who?

p.s. I'm one blessed in-between-generations-er.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday's Saying/Poem: How Do I Love Thee?

Valentine's Day, being just of recent, made me think of this poem. It has always been one that I liked.

How Do I Love Thee?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Pop Quiz

What Breed of a Dog are You?

I am a Bullmastiff.
You are confident, reasonable, and very calm. Nothing shakes you up. It's likely that you were a bit wild when you were younger, but you've gotten that out of your system. The only time you get aggressive is when someone tries to threaten or harm you (or someone you love) in some way. There's a little bit of wolf underneath all that sheep's clothing!

Here we go again... I have to say, so far, these little ditties have been spot on. And I don't completely think it's the case of: "well, they are so generalized that any can fit all" ... because I purposefully changed my answers a second time to see what I'd get. So, I guess a Bullmastiff, I am. Well, it's better than being a Mexican Hairless ...although I have been referred to a Pit Bull before (and not because I'm an aggressive type).

So, what breed of a dog are you? To take this short, 6 question quiz, click HERE and let me know!

More Songs to Choose From

Heard a song today as I watched a moving PowerPoint clip that showed 9-11 pics and talked about certain survivors and why & where they were at the time of the catastrophe thus allowing them to survive. The song was meant as background, but really added to the effect. Recalled hearing the same song on a blog I frequent (Neas Nuttiness). Song's called Sweet November by Enya. Liked it so that I decided to add it to the Playlist (down on right). I also added a couple of Simon & Garfunkel songs and At Last by the smooth Etta James.

If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.
~Gustav Mahler

Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday: My Husband's Smarts

I should hope to tell you the story someday of my husband and his bootstraps- the ones he pulled himself up from. But that will be a wordy one. So, for now, I will just share one of his feats.

He is an Engineering Manager for a large international company that does ... well, a lot- but much is in the area of oil and gas. Over the years, working in this field, my creative-half's mind has come up with a lot of neat things. Patents have been applied for on a number of them... but patents take awhile and companies get the fiscal rewards. Nevertheless, it's still nice know that you were the one responsible.

So, for Valentine's Day, I had this plaque made for my big Valentine. It, indeed, is something he should be proud of. For me, it is symbolic of the intellect he carries around. And you know, he's not the nerdy type of Engineer either! I can say this as I know quite a number of engineers. For his intellect and non-nerdiness, I am thankful (I can say this too, as I have been accused of being a little 'nerdy').

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Hum-Dinger of a Storm

So, if you've been reading, you know that I have been posting about the "hum-dingerness" of last week. The Hum-dinger of a Refinance and the Hum-Dinger of a Wild Cat were two reasons. But, there was a third reason causing again, Lack of Sleep.

(sorry, upon proofreading *late* (ha), I see that digression ensues...)
My friends, sleep is SO important. There is a reason why it was/is used on POWs -as a means of torture and getting information. Our brain HAS to have it. The stability of its electro-chemical wiring is dependent on it...we MALFUNCTION when we don't get it in the right quantity and/or quality. Okay, as it I have side-barred enough... A Lack of Sleep is really the main reason I'm going 'Ugghh' on having another child. I don't do well without sleep. I am a calm, even-tempered person... actual I have been called "bubbly"and cheerful ... but with out sleep... ?? ... so I digress.

Okay... so... the storm... so, I'm sitting on the couch scrupulously reading over a hoard of bank documents to make sure that there are no errors and we are not signing into some crazy agreement that has us pay an interest rate equal to my husband's shoe size (he has big feet), when I hear the wind start to kick up. Okay, so, the wind is kicking up. "They" (the weathermen, I watched more than one) said a front was coming. Well, the wind continues with more gusto. So I set my all important documents down in perfect order and head to the computer. I open the NOAA weather site that has radar for our region of Texas and, yup, there's a bright red line fast approaching. I gauged the distance traveled in the loop with beginning and end times and guessed it to approach at 12:30 AM. It was 11:50 PM at this point.

Well, let me tell you, yes, this baby picked up winds slowly and steadily all up until 12:25 when I thought Dorthy and Toto were coming to visit. Our west door started humming so loudly, like a loud off-key clarinet. At first, I sat there, listened, and tried reading more- when, all at once, the clarinet started screaming(!)... I just KNEW my daughter was going to wake up... and my mom (she was visiting) and my husband. I immediately got up and went to push the door back. The noise ceased, but then the door pushed me back ...let's just say, I did not wet my pants... but, very well could have. I pushed back harder to make the whine stop. Then, I started contemplating if I should go into the hall closet for safety... but what about my daughter... I don't hear a train... it's not a tornado... just high wind... gees, are the windows going to blow out... maybe I shouldn't worry about holding the door... no, the noise might wake everyone, they're still asleep... sooo, I stood there holding the door so all would be quite except for the loud continuous WHOOSH of the 86 mph wind(!) that was going on outside. Yes, that is what it was.

After another, oh, about 45 seconds, the wind dramatically died down and my pants were still dry. I raced in to tell my husband all was okay... because surely he finally woke up after that. Nope, asleep. Same with my mom. Same with my daughter (thank goodness). I then went to check our weather station display. Sustained winds of 55 mph with gusts up to 86.1 mph.

No wonder I about wet my britches.
I can't believe that we didn't have more damage than we did. Well, I guess hurricane Ike took care of any vulnerabilities back in September (see here). So, our porch rocker lost a leg since it was tossed from the corner of our porch out towards the barn.

And our garage door blew out... hurricane Ike started this problem.

All else was fine, so I am thankful. But it did add to all the 'hum-dingerness' of the week because of the whole lack of sleep thing, as I would have gotten to bed a lot early and been able to sleep had we not had Dorthy and Toto swirling around my brain whilst a clarinet screamed in the background.
Oh well, things could be worse.
[ p.s. please forgive any errors, I need sleep. ]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Hum-Dinger of a Wild Cat

So I mentioned in the previous post about last week being a hum-dinger... here's another reason why:

You see, we have acreage. It's not a bunch (we have 8 acres), but it's enough for nice elbow room (now, the preceding statement is a relative one- city folk would say, wow!... while other country folk might say ha!). Anyway, it is a good amount for us, as we do all the upkeep and care-taking ourselves (we have a horse breeding business too). ANYway, every now and then, we have had feral cats try and make our place part of their territory and our kitty does not get happy about this. She is a spayed kitty coming on 10 years of age and she's a little kitty at that (see her HERE).

Since our big dogs stay in at night, this Tom was bothered none. Well, that darn cat came prowling around and started making noise... that annoying ?? ...I don't know what you call it...??? howling/kitty screaming noise... That was enough for us to set out the trap.

We've caught many a feral cat in it. It's our "relocator" devise. Now for those of you that think down on this... hey, we always relocate them to an area that is more dense with houses, yet still wooded and natural. It's a few miles down the road and is an acreage subdivision- the lot sizes are anywhere from 1-5 acres and there are plenty of places for food and water.

So, the trap was set. I'm at the computer... too late, like I often am, and I hear that darn cat. We have a wrap-around porch and he, making his cat-calls, ambled slowly by the study (where I'm sitting at the computer). A bit of time past, I didn't hear him and went to bed. Next thing, it's 1:10 AM and I hear a thud... it was the door on the trap. Got a little flashlight and looked through the window. Yup, it was him.

I worried that he would get frantic and try to squeeze through the hole on the top of the trap where the long arm (with meat wrapped around it) goes. The wire there could cut him, so I went outside and laid a big jug of pasture chemical over the hole. Let me just say, OMGaaawwd.. this sucker was wild as a March Hare and BIG. We've caught one other that was pretty wild, but this guy had him beat. He freaked (poor thing) when I got within 8 feet of the trap. I just put the jug over the hole as quickly as I could ... after I held a garage towel over my legs in case he sprayed. My wonderful trap-making other-half awoke for work and I told him about the catch of the night. The relocation took place on his way to work.

So, why did this add to the hum-dinger-ness of the week? Because that darn cat tried to chew his was out of the trap the WHOLE night... I could hear it... as the cage was right outside our bedroom window (that's close to the entrance of our garage, which is where our kitty's food is). So, NO SLEEP the rest of that night as I lay there and worried that he was cutting himself up while trying to get out. He did have some scratches on his nose the next morning. Just hope he is fine. Regardless, I'm sure our kitty is sleeping better now that he is gone.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Whoo-Hoo~ another bloggy "Award"

I got another bloggy award (remember my world is small and little things brighten it). So, thank you Robynn at Robynn's Ravings. She is a neat lady and funny one at that. She is a wife and mom of two teens that she homeschools and she loves animals to the point that she scores in my book(!). She is down-to-earth and seems to be the type that can make lemonade when given lemons. Go by and check her out-you'll get a smile!
Thanks for the Award!

So, I left a comment at Robynn's site thanking her for the award. Thought I'd share it as, well, maybe you'll get a chuckle. Actually, if you've ever had one of those days where you felt kind of ... I don't like the word 'stupid'... so I'll say, "not so quick" this post to read on that day. You'll feel better. Here's the comment I left for my "award-er":

My Goodness Robynn.... you are ever too kind.... really, really and truly. Isn't it funny how this Internet land connects people! Thank you so for the kind words you chose. I've been called simple before, but usually just by itself, not with the other sweet words... :-)... and I've been called honest too, but sometimes it's been said along with 'to a fault'... :-). You are so very kind. Well, since my life is made up of the Little Things, I shall post the award with zeal! Thank you.
Ohhh, speaking of being 'simple' and 'honest'... a quick story for you ...the simple part is because you'll think, "Uhh, duh!" and the honest part is... well, because... I honestly probably should not share this 'simple' moment(!)... here goes:

When I read the post of yours about you getting awards and being tardy on posting them and seeming ungrateful... you said that you are really not ungrateful and that you're 'lufetargnu'... quite the opposite of ungrateful (which is 'ungrateful spelled backwards').. well, duh(!), I get it NOW. But when I first read it, what did I do?!? I highlighted the word and went to to look up the meaning! ...yes, I HONESTLY shouldn't share how SIMPLE I am sometimes! After that site AND Webster's dictionary site didn't know the word, I came back and re-read the post to discover, "Duh!".
Okay, nuff shared for today.
Thank you for the award, I need all the help I can get.

A Hum-Dinger of a Refinance

Last week was a hum-dinger... just a lot going on. Wouldn't have had many post up except for the fact that I had already created many of the them beforehand and just had them scheduled on different days.

One of the hum-dingeroos was the refinance of our house/property. In December, I read a Yahoo News article and it talked about banks being overwhelmed (in the few days preceding the article) with home-refinances because of the low rates.

Well, that very day, I got on the ball with researching what we could get and running the numbers in a few 'refinance calculators' -everything looked great.

Side note: by the way, has some of the BEST finance calculators. They have ALL sorts(!)- very cool for any person's planning/fiscal stage; retirement, college funds, etc. Can't say enough about this site and what a fiscal resource it is.

ANYway, on our refinance, we would break even in a matter of 3.25 years. Our note would be $386 less a month.. money that can go into a college fund for our daughter, retirement savings, and towards paying the mortgage principle down. Thus, making it around a 15 year loan (depending on how much we opt to pay) was a no-brainier... so I locked in the next AM. Funny, the rates had already started to climb that morning. Mind you, they were/are still low (but we got a fixed 4.25%!).

THEN we got a this STACK to read.. now, I don't know about you... but I'm not one of those that signs without reading the fine print and every other number and nuance... and I have to understand it too. This trait has it good and bad points. But, when we got this stack... I felt like I was back in Graduate school.... a big, hearty 'Ugghhh'.

Well, I'm glad I did read every page because not only do I understand so much more about bank procedures and whatnot, I also caught a mistake that was made. About 80% of the time, they had our address incorrect. It was fine on the first few sheets, but then wrong on just about every other document. So, the documents were all redone. This stack here is the erroneous stack we received, but both were commensurate in length, needless to say.
All I Can say is,"Whew!" ...glad THAT is done.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Ones that Stole My Heart ~ a.k.a. My Valentines

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Pop Quiz

What Sign Do You Attract?

I attract Capricorn.
When down to earth, responsible, loyal Capricorn meet you, they've met their match. You are as ethical as Capricorn, and they respect your values. You are also able to be a loyal and caring partner to your Capricorn, even when times are tough. You are there to cheer up or motivate your Capricorn - which never goes unappreciated.

[Well, as my husband and I have been together for over 21 years, so this result is good news. :-) He's a Capricorn. It stands to reason, I am a Cancerian- his polar opposite. And boy, let me tell you, we are that! :-) ]

So, what sign do you attract? To take this short, 6 question quiz, click HERE and let me know!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My First Blog "Award"!

Whenever a person clicks on 'Comments' (located at the end of each post) and are redirected to the the Comment's box, I say there, somewhat facetiously, that I have a small world... I say this because with being a stay at home mom, having acreage, 5 horses, 2 large dogs, and a cat... oh, and some trough fish :-)... and an equine breeding business... well, there isn't time for bon-bons.

Thus, my "entertainment", if you will, is researching stuff on the computer, updating this blog, doing computer crafty things like this, and/or making the not-very-often home crafty things (of which I need to post pics). I just don't have a lot of time, so after my wee little one and larger half go to bed, I have a bit time for myself... after doing bills, etc.

Sooo, getting a blog award just makes my 'little world' and little happier. I want to thank Tatersmama for thinking of me and sending this little ditty my way. She is a neat American gal living in Aussie-land. She's shoots straight from the heart and she's got a big one. You really ought to go check her out. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Katie, for the bloggy award.

Now, I've read the rules for this blog award... I'm supposed to copy/place the 'award' on my blog and pass it on to 10 people whose blogs show great Gratitude and/or Attitude ... yeah, right- 10 people?!?- ain't happening. I don't follow ten blogs (remember, time constraints). So, I will pass it on to three blogs that I frequent (the few other blogs I visit are not award virgins like me, but I hope they know I thought of them). Oh, and it's a Lemonade stand because ...well, lemonade is sweet with a teensy bite to it. Hence, "Gratitude and Attitude".

So, in no particular order, I would like to pass this on to:
  1. Jennifer at the Lucas*Jennifer*Noah blog for showing Gratitude. She really strikes me as a warm, thoughtful, and dedicated wife and momma -to an adorable little tyke that just recently got his first tooth. She doesn't post super frequently, but I have to admire not being sucked into this computer blog really is like an addiction.

  2. Reginia Teter at Tetertot's for showing Gratitude. She is another neat gal that is all family... and she has a beautiful one at that too. Plus, any family that appreciates a tractor like they do gets high marks in my book.

  3. Dennis Price at Pappy's Balderdash for showing Attitude. Yes, he's not politically correct, but hey, I get enough of that with the network news.
Please stop by and visit them and give 'em your 'howdy-ho'.

So, there you are folks! Enjoy and thanks for your perspective!

Thankful Thursday: Dry Bath Mats

Bath mats are great. There for you when you get out of the shower or bath. So nice to step onto instead of a cold floor. But, you know, I really took note of our bath mat the other evening. I stepped out on it after my shower ...and it was DRY. So nice, a dry bath mat.

You see, 99.3% of the time, I get to step out onto a wet bath mat. It can't be helped. Our routine is such that my husband takes a shower before me. So, I get a wet bath mat. Oh well, I'm not complaining... it's just that I noticed that dry bath mat last week and it was nice.

You know, I always say... it's the Little Things in Life.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Booger of a Cute Kitty

We have a kitty named Booger. She adopted us over nine years ago right before we moved into our home that we had built and live in now. She was born next door, as our neighbor was one of those types that doesn't have their animals spayed.

It was around the time that "Booger" was just a few months old and wild as a March hair that I was leaving the front door open in the early evenings when it was nice. I could see out the screen door as the house was perfectly set up for this.

Well, this little kitty started visiting at the screen door, so one evening, I left it open. She came in. It took some time... but she adopted us. I asked the neighbor if we had her spayed, could we have her. That was a no-brainer. She had so many already.

Shortly after the kitty's 6-month spaying, we decided on a name: Booger. She has a little white squiggly mark under her nose and she was a Booger, for sure. She needed a little holding to calm that wild hair. She learned fairly quickly to not squirm and scratch and to be cordial, if you will.

We moved out to our property and into our home... and she adjusted in no time flat. Since her early months were spent fending for herself (bringing us lizards and whatnot), the country life was right up her alley. She soon had the place rid of every mole on our eight acres. I imagine our closest neighbors benefited too. Booger isn't a big kitty- just about 8 pounds, but where size lacks, her fiest maintains. She puts our dogs in their place with just a look.

Kitty helping herslef to the dog's food.

Where's Waldo... er, um, I mean kitty??
(okay folks, just know I was in the middle of doing laundry)
Booger's no fool feline~ she knows the best spot in the house on cold winter's day.

You know, some people say, "I'm not a cat person" or "I'm not a dog person." I'm not sure why folks feel like they have to choose. I like both... okay, okay, dogs do give back more (to me). But, I won't hold it against kitty though. They can't help it if they're little boogers sometimes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daddy Hung the Moon

One evening, a bit after our daughter was born, my husband said the following (on the sign below). I liked what he said so well, I had a sign made, with his words on it, for Father's Day.
Now, we've got to find a place for it. It's still looking for a home as we try and decide (along with a few other pictures and prints that have been waiting for a 'home').

Monday, February 9, 2009

Where Did You Come From, Baby Dear?

You've got to click on this pic to get a better view. Quite some time ago, I scanned this page from a book I got from the library. I take our daughter once or twice a week and we load up on books. When I read this poem, I knew I had to have it ...perhaps to use somewhere ...??
I think it would be great sewn and put in a picture frame. You see though... I said, "sewn". I don't even know if you call it cross-stitching or what... am not real handy that way, though I love making things... perhaps I'll find the time to learn someday (ha). But really, maybe someday.
I remember when I first read this. My daughter was still very young... I believe she was still nursing (I nursed her until she was 14 months)...ANYway, I must have been hormonal when I read it... I got all teary-eyed, which is something I didn't do a lot before she came along. Alas, another heart softened by the love for a child.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A List from the Past

We own horses. In fact, I've owned one or more horses for 27 years now. For about the last 10 years, we've had a breeding business and specialize in Black Arabians. I used to show, but haven't in awhile- since before I was pregnant with our daughter (and she's 2 1/2)... so it's been a few years since I've shown (would like to show again someday).

Anyway, while on the computer, I stumbled upon a list that was in one of our horse files. It's a list for items to remember to bring, when I was showing. As I read over the list, I thought, "Gees, you needed to add your bra to the list?!? How would you forget that?!?"

... then I remembered that I just about put the milk jug in the pantry the other day. And then this morning, I set the timer to remember to check something and when the timer went off, I stood in the kitchen wondering WHAT did I set that timer for. I figured it out, but it took me about 10-15 seconds of hard consternation.

So, when I looked at the list, it was ...some relief ...kind of like that awkward feelings of being ?? glad (maybe not the right word).. when others fail the college exam along with you. You know, the more the better.. you're not alone... maybe it's the professor's poor test(!). I would guess it's better failing that way than having EVERYone score 90 and above and the only low score is you. POINT being... I had to include bra on the list in BC times -before children. So much for excusing my memory with the donation of brain cells during pregnancy!

Show Items List

Show clothes: shirt, pants, socks, shoes, bra, gloves
Night/other clothes: shirt, shorts, shoes,etc.
Blow dryer
Hair clip/scrunchy/extra scrunchy
Video camera/tape
Mileage Log (Take beginning/ending mileage !!! )
Breezy Acres Info. Frame/papers
Hay net
Fureson spray
Hoof pick
Hoof black
Show Glow/Show Sheen
Water bucket
Bucket hook
Feed pan
Show halter
Show whip
Lunch whip
Lunge line
Chain lead rope
Leg/tail wraps, helmet, fly mask
Cooler -Sandwiches/drinks
Velcro pieces/emergency card
Coggins/Health Certificate
Safety pins (show #)
Road trip books
Show Schedule
Cowboy Magic dry shampoo
Alarm clock

Friday's Pop Quiz

What Color Orange are You?

I am an Apricot.
Soft and sweet, you let your provocative nature shine through. You have a true love for all people. You try to build a bridge between differences. You are definitely unconventional, but you don't broadcast it. You are good at getting along. You offer people a fresh perspective on life - so fresh that it can be shocking!

[gees, this little quiz pegged me right too about being 'unconventional' (although, I think of myself as very traditional) ... On more than one occasion, I've been told that I dance to a different drummer ... hmmm, how did the quiz pick up my dancing style!?!]

So, what color Orange are you? To take this short, 5 question quiz, click HERE and let me know!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

By the Way... Not Pg. Anymore

No, we are not watching more 'R' rated movies. "Pg." is medical shorthand for 'pregnant'. I merely write this post for any that have read my previous post (A Planned Surprise) about getting pregnant. Since I was asked last week, "How are you doing?" (with that special questioning look), I thought I'd update anyone left thinking I'm pregnant. I was, but am no longer.

On Christmas Eve day, my husband and I went in for my OB appt./ultrasound at 11 weeks/1 day. But, there was no heartbeat and the size was 7 weeks/1 day. I could tell within a second or two of the ultrasound... just didn't look right. And when the doc kept moving the transducer this way and that... I spoke first... he confirmed.

It happens. And I know that research shows, when it comes to early miscarriages, it is most often the case that there was a chromosomal abnormality. Something wasn't right. So, that's how it goes.

Part of me is/was bothered that if we do have another one, there will be that much more age difference with our daughter. Then I realized that by thinking that way, I was counting my chickens before they hatch... can't do that. Just can't. What will be, will be. I'm just happy we have our 'Little Someone'.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Rainbows are nice. This was taken last summer looking out west, from our porch. That, with the trees, is our neighbor's pasture. Large Pecan trees are awe-striking. They dress up any horizon and make a beautiful base for sunset pictures... or rainbows.

Monday, February 2, 2009

For the Love of Smudge

Yes, here is another post about dogs with dog pictures. Hey, they're a part of the family. And, like family you talk about them, brag about them, grumble about them, laugh at them, yell at them... and love them.

If you haven't figured out, I'm a dog-lover... heck, I'm an animal lover, but dogs vie with horses for the number one spot... they actually top horses for that spot in a number of ways. But, I will not digress because this one is about Smudge Puppy.

Smudge is the daughter of our other Great Dane, Smidgen. Smudge is so named for the 'smudge' marks all over her body. As soon as this pup arrived, we knew we had something special- her coloring alone was distinct and no litter mates were like her. With the exception of a male Harlequin (black spots on white), all the other puppies were black. Smudge is a unique solid grey with black spots.
How ABSOLUTELY adorable! I see a puppy and I just want to snuggle it!

ANYway, Smudge arrived. She, like the other pups weighed 2 1/2 lbs at 2 days old (now at 165 lbs., she is still so very cute).
Smudge arrived ...and so did havoc **sigh** OMGosh, I don't want to think -collectively- about all the stuff she has destroyed. I won't even mention all of the Solar lights that we had around the house that were chewed apart. Two solar lights were $30 bucks... we had about 26 lights... you do the math -okay, I'll do it: $400.00(!)... yes, I know, I said I didn't want to 'mention it'.

Below attest to some of the fake flowers that we went through. You see, we have SO many trees, fruit trees, and a lot of other outdoor things to take care of, so I don't have many outdoor flowers. I tried to do some fake flowers, but nooo.

...and shoes, I cannot count the pairs of shoes. You may say, WHY are the shoes outside? Well, we have a shoe-rack by the backdoor because I don't want grimy shoes inside. If they are really nice shoes, they come inside. I will say, Smudge hasn't messed with the shoes lately. However, she is not entrusted to leather boots. They present just too much of a draw, especially Men's size 13.

So innocent looking, isn't she?

Note in the background of the below pic, a chewed something on the floor.
But, that face!
I'm not sure what this was below. But, I believe it was something that she was allowed to gut.

She always wants to play. While momma, Smidgen, tends to be more serious~ Smudge cannot help wanting to try to engage you in play.

Our front foyer rug had something exciting underneath it (a rug pad) ...and then other wonderful chew-ables were added.

Do you SEE this paint can below and how it has been PIERCED by dog teeth? Short story: the final straw... that is, when I resigned myself to the fact that Smudge is going to chew if it is outside and not fixed to the house... I bought a metal spray can of "No Chew". It's a NASTY smelling and tasting liquid to ward off chewing. Haa, like this can, Smudge got a hold of it. I found it pierced and empty. I had left it on the shoe-rack after spraying our boots.

In the Dane Show world, Smudge's coloring is not prized. But, like with many things in the dog (or horse) show world, oft good qualities are lost due to fads/rules of the business. For Smudge's conformation is superb. She has a gorgeous head and fantastic temperament.

Despite the pics of stuff being wrecked- which is with many an energetic puppy. She is a great guarder and spot-on Dane (no pun intended) when it comes to her little someone (our daughter)- I could not ask the dog to be more gentle.

These pics were taken when our daughter was 14 months old.

Smidgen guarding and Smudge just checking on.

What a sweet pup.

Our Little Someone had been walking Smudge with this little blue leash just prior to these pics.

Smudge can be summed up as one big sweet, goofy, lovable, pup.