Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cherubs watching Sesame Street

Sweetness abound...

He is all boy. Really, he is.

But still, this is too cute to not share:  Mr. C in Miss E's shoes...

Friday, June 24, 2011

E & C -isms

     Mr. C. has started to say some things, so I've included a few herein.

E:  I love times like this. (sitting on stone culvert w/ Smudge, coming back from getting mail)

E:  When I smell yummy smells, the slobber just droops out of both side of my mouth.

C: (pointing to windmill/flags) ..."tar, tar..tar" (on the ceiling of his room, he has glow in the dark starts I've put up).

E had a dream that she was embarrassed to tell me about ( I made sure I didn't laugh even though it was very cute)... her dream was that she was a sister to the "wild Kratts" (a PBS kid's show with two real brothers that changes them into animated versions of themselves having animal adventures).

(E after a loose stool and looking at a tissue in the toilet that I wiped her with...)
E: There's blood on that tissue. I think I'm in puberty now.
Me: No, that's not blood.
E: Oh, it's poop juice?

C: Helllllllllloooe

E: Her DNA messed up she has nipples growing out of her leg. (Noticed Smudge 'had some skin sticking out').

C: (some random things he says):  Mmmm-oe-rrr, bird, dog, kee-ki, momma, daddy, Emma.

     [C is at the stage where he:  throws food, takes it out of mouth, opens/gets into everything, hits, goes to hand me things & pulls back and laughs.]

E: Momma, I have a photo album in my brain. And I can also watch movies when I'm not watching them on the computer. And I can even listen to them... shhhh, I'm listening to one right now.

(while cleaning the windshield while driving)
Me: Ewww... look how dirty the windshield is.
E: look at the bug guts, but not just bug guts... their lungs...and...
Me: Yes, when people say bug guts, they mean the whole thing; their lungs, antennae...
E: Well, not all bugs have antenna.
       (must I quality myself on everything?? ...and "ps" ...I know bugs don't have "lungs' per se.  Just qualifying myself.  Geees, must be genetic. :-) )

E: Why do roses smell?

E: Gotta go poo-poo... energize... ... activate poo-poo power.
(this child has been watching way too much "Wild Krats").

Conversation on the way to swim lessons:
M: Hold on, got to call Grandma... I call my mommy all the time, don't I?
E: Yeah.
Me: do you think you'll do that when you get to mommy's age?
E: I don't think I'll be something, I think I'll stay and live with you.
M: Well, you'll have your own home and decorate it your own way and put up whatever pictures you want.
E: I will make my home completely of Unicorns.

E:  How do engines make cars move?

E:  Let me know that she wanted to talk about spirits, God and Smidgen dying and missing her.

(May 6th -E has a loose tooth) In evening getting ready for bed, E comes back teary eyed and tells me that she doesn't want to lose her tooth b/c that mean she's getting older and growing up and if she's getting older and growing up, that means I'm getting older and then I'm going to die and she doesn't want me to die. Told her not to worry about it, that I planned to be here a long time. She says, Are you sure? (geees).. then says, It's okay mommy, I'll take care of you when you shrink.

E:  I want to live where the mustangs live and Daddy can bring a hammer, nails, wood and a saw and build a house and I would like a horse that looks like Spirit. When I grow up, I will live where the mustangs live and you and daddy can live with me and you (mommy) can be my child -and I will name you princess (yesterday, it was 'Kate').

E walks in with her chin slightly tipped down and says, "Momma, I know it Mother's day... sorry to tell you, but you're going to have to go get your gloves."   
(.. I told E I would mush through her poop to find her first tooth that was swallowed when she lost it and she was letting me know that she had to go to the potty).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011...

....at a club near us that has an Egg Hunt every year. Turned out the drain here was our stand for many pics.

I know, Mr. C is in none of posed pics below (he was with momma).
Daddy & Miss E...

Grandma & Miss E...

Grandpa & Miss E...

And Mr. C!...

Then, with these eggs below that we colored (and a few others plastic ones with goodies inside), we had the official Easter Egg Hunt (Easter Morning) that the Easter Bunny had orchestrated.

Checking out our stash after the hunt!

See ya later!