Saturday, May 11, 2013

On to Greener Pastures
(Rampions Amira)
Feb. 5th, 1980 ~ May 6th, 2013 
I got Julieboo after my first horse (of only 10 months), 'Bunnie', died.  Julie was a 2 y/o filly in the same public barn where we kept Bunnie.  The lady that owned her was selling her at the time of Bunnie's death.  So, Julieboo was offered as a gift.  But my dad made sure the gift was compensated... little did I know.  I was 13 y/o at the time.

That's one scraggly-headed kid on that pretty mare.
Julieboo had her spunk for sure, but the scraggly kid managed to shape it somehow into a very nice western pleasure horse.... she was a natural, though, all on her own.

Dandy on Julieboo w/ a protective pad under the blanket.  Julieboo had many "tricks up her sleeve".

The last third of her life was spent on our property where I could see her every day.  I'm glad that I was able to give her a nice 'retirement'.  She deserved it.

Julieboo on her pasture of retirement.
She had sweet eyes.

I'm so glad that my kids got to know the ole' grey mare.
E & C on their last ride (didn't know it at the time- though I suspected the time would be soon).

I had been increasing her feed for about 2 years prior to her death- it was then that she started becoming a bit harder to keep.
Several months prior to her death, I had to really start pouring it to her.  But, no amount "would stick" to her ribs.  I gave her so much, I worried I'd colic her.  She just wasn't assimilating it like she needed.

This pic was taken 2 weeks & 1 day before the ole mare just couldn't get up... and the 'decision' was made.

She is buried over on the far right -in this pic- in our big pasture.
She will be missed.
Not many -truly- 'bomb-proof' horses are out there like her.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Loves of my life...