Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Such a Widget Freak

Well, maybe "freak" isn't the right word, perhaps a little harsh. Nevertheless, I was perusing a blog the other day ... have I mentioned before that I only follow about five. Well, I do... I positively cannot and will not engulf myself in more. Even though I have always found people interesting (have I mentioned I'm a licensed psychotherapist), there is a point at which you say, "Nope, no more." After all, you know, moderation is the key.

Okay, so ANYway, I happened over to one that I don't follow (I was just peeking in) -got there by clicking from the comment's page on one I do follow and I saw this 'bookshelf' ...with 'books' on it. It was neat. Well, I love bookshelves~ especially built in wooden ones. Since we have some in our home, I thought I'd like a bloggy bookshelf (it's down on the right).

I even put a few books in it that sit on our shelf here at home. You can scroll over the books and most will give you a descriptor of the book and if you hit the 'next' button below the shelf, it'll flip to a whole new set of books! Now that kind of James-Bondy (or would it be Harry Potter?) stuff isn't something we have here at home.

Amazing... the things that are out there... pretty neat widget, it is.


Neas Nuttiness said...

I love this picture AND I would love to have a library just like it, in my own home. If the room had a bathroom, kitchenette and a bed - I would live in it!!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh I LOVE that!! Now I have widget envy. You are a clever girl to find and set that up. Hmmmm. May have to go on a hunt...Hey, my word verification is "Skylo." Sounds like a great name for a horse!