Thursday, November 12, 2009

?s & Comments that I've Noted over the Last Few Weeks

Our daughter, whom I refer to as Little Someone (LS) is 3 years, 3 months old. These are just some of the things that she has said very recently.

Do ducks get the hiccups?

(w/ whiny voice and sad face):
Mommy, I can't change the weather all by myself.

LS: I just had a sick burp.
Me: What that's?
LS: When throw up gets in the back of your throat and you swallow it.

(after vacationing):
Mommy, I liked driving in the dark to the motel.

(pointing at her Daddy's forehead wrinkles):
Daddy, what are those lines on you that mommy doesn't have?

Mommy, I want kitty babies and puppies and cows and chickies and ducklings ...and I can take care of them all (and probably others were said, just not listed).

Ewww... that truck smelled (diesel) ... like stinky bottom!

Can kangaroos fly?

Look mommy! Look! I caught my first moth!! (while holding a tall decorative tin w/ a moth in it).

Daddy, I miss you when you go to work.

I had fun going to the cabin, going to the motel and going to Dewberry Farm (an amusement farm for kids).

Weren't those baby goats SOOO CUTE!

(w/ whiny voice and sad face):
LS: Mommy, I want to be able to fly and I can't.
Me: Well, you can fly in an airplane someday.
LS: (while flapping her elbows) No, I want to fly like a bird.

Daddy, you need to fix the mower. It needs to be cleaned out.

What's a comet?

Me: It's absolutely, positively gorgeous out.
LS: Why do you say that?
Me: Because the weather is SO nice out.
LS: It's an ice cream world.
Me: Why do you say that?
LS: Because I like saying those words.
Me: Ice cream?
LS: Yeah, and when it's nice out, it's an Ice Cream World.

Mommy, we haven't made any cookies in awhile.

(LS started crying after I left her room one night from our bedtime routine~ I went back in and she said...):
I can't sleep. I'm crying. This is not my favorite part of the world.

Mommy, I cleaned my mouth with my tongue. Tongues are useful.

(after opening the house windows one AM, it was still cool out):
That cold is tickling my knees. Put them (the windows) down.
(so, upon putting a fuzzy fleece blanket on her):
Oooo, warm and cozy.

I sure had fun in the mountains.

(while driving back home from running some errands):
LS: Mommy, my tummy hurts.
Me: Why, what's the matter? Is it hungry?
LS: No, it wants to go somewhere else.
LS: (then proceeds to use different voice): I want to go somewhere elllllse.
LS: (then in a normal voice): It's being whiny.

(referring to her Daddy's black & white hair):
Daddy, you have sprinkles in your hair.

Grandma's a blob-o-saurus. Daddy's a blob-o-saurus. Mommy's a blob-o-saurus. I'm a T-Rex.

What's Health Insurance?

LS: I suuure do like dogs.
Me: Well, mommy and daddy do too. So it stands to reason that you would.
LS: Yup.

(Our neighbors have a hand full of cows on a 20 acre pasture which adjoins our back property line. Every now and then, we might give the the cows a bit of hay over the fence. This was said while we walked by an area that the cows had been the day before):
LS: What's that smell?
Me: (sniffing the air) It's cow poop. When we gave the cows hay yesterday, they stayed around that area to eat it and pooped while they were there.
LS: I like it.
Me: You like cow poop smell??
LS: Yeah, it smells good. (in defense... and many will say 'huh!?!'... but the smell was more of a wild grass smell than poop).

(while sitting outside our home, having a picnic lunch- LS points at my leg and says...):
Why do you have those cracks on you? (spider veins... yes... what LOVE-ly things come out of the mouths of babes).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UPDATE Re: 21, TWENTY-ONE, Two-One...

...this post is just below, 2 posts back.
The Update?... well, the piece of paper was in "my court"... sitting on my bathroom sink counter, a bit behind a little heart shaped music box my sweet other half got me when we got married.

ANYway, the 21 Note was discovered in a sock this AM... my sock, to be exact... heeeyyy, it was my turn. :-)

Guess I better get a Round Tuit.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: In a Pumpkinshell... I mean Nutshell

We did pumpkins two weekends before Halloween. They lasted one week and started molding and caving in. Our Little Someone asked where the teeth on Daddy's pumpkin were going. By the way, can you tell whose pumpkin is whose?

I'm the 'traditionalists'. Little Someone picked out her mouth, nose and eyes... and daddy? ...he's the life of the party.

Since those pumpkins were starting to stink up the place, they got thrown to the cows in our neighbor's pasture. Well, we had to have a pumpkin for Halloween, so a day or so before, got a little small jobbie that we cleaned out and carved indoors.

After a choice of pattern pics, a kitty cat was the winner...
The big night begins as we slowly transform... well, my midsection didn't (I guess I could have painted that section orange and gone as a wandering pumpkin).
"Abby Cadabby" in the making (a fairy from Sesame Street):

And here she is:

A pot-belly scarecrow (?) in the making:
(thanks for the help Grandma)

All dressed and ready for the walk... except, hold on, I've got to go to the bathroom ONE MORE TIME (me, not Abby Cadabby).

A motley crew?

Abby Cadabby flying with Daddy:

No, Miss (real) Abby, I'm not biased... Someone here is cuter:
One last shot after our excursion and before we transform back...