Friday, July 23, 2010

Why is it?

WHY is it that if you have more than one child- that neither seem to sleep a little bit later ...AND when/if they do, they don't do it ON THE SAME MORNING?!?

Monday, July 12, 2010

She's Still Three... but not for long.

Our little girl is growing up. She will be four soon... in a week.. but she is still 3 years old and will not be 4 until that day. That day that marks another year... another fast, ever-changing year. A year marked by growth, tears, smiles and hugs and by me walking the fine line of parenting... "Am I being too soft??" "Am I being too hard?? Gosh, I hope I'm not teetering this way or that too much."


I hope she knows I am doing my best and question so very often my actions, responses, and way of being. I hope. I hope she knows that I love her More Than Words Can Say.

So, before Miss E becomes a year older, I thought I'd post some things that she has said or done over last couple of months (I've emailed myself over that time saving these up).

Daddy's a great 'kill-a-bugger'. (said after her daddy killed a spider).

(telling the horse vet, while out at our place, what she's going to be when she grows up): I'm going to be a wild animal care-taker.

Mommy, pick me up please.

Mommy, how does the lava stick together to make the sun?

I want to wear my ballerina dress with my new flip flops [said after getting a 'surprise' for having a dry diaper overnight (about the 9th one now)].

I miss Daddy (told to mommy after daddy left to work on a Sunday b/c of BP leak).

E: Mommy, I'll take care of you when you're older.
Me: Maybe then, you will pick me up.
E: No, I won't (was not said in an uncaring way, just thinks it's 'undoable').

Mommy, if there were no people when dinosaurs were here, how were people born?

Mommy, this rice sure is good. You're the best cooker.

Mommy, talk about what's inside our lungs (heart, head, how food goes in as food and comes out poo-poo..etc.).

Nooo, I want to do it THIS way (insert multiple things where the word "it" is).

Mommy, I'll miss you picking me up when I'm older.

[background info: When my mom's here to visit, Miss E follows her around just about everywhere ... including the bathroom. That, coupled with the fact that my mom had a hysterectomy at a very early age (25) and never was a very hairy person (arms/legs), lends to the following... ].
I was getting Miss E ready for the morning one day and she says: "You know, Mommy, Grandma had surgery that makes her not have hair here and here (she points to her eye-brows and private parts), then says, "She draws hair on her eyebrows. She needs to draw hair here too" (while pointing you know where).

Miss E and I were doing her calendar where a child can also choose their 'feeling' for the day. Miss E left "Proud" up from the previous time she had a dry diaper. I asked if she wanted to change it to "Happy" this morning? She said, "No, I want to leave 'Proud' up because I'm proud to have the best momma." (so sweet!).

E: Mommy, what would it sound like if a windmill sneezed?
Me:I don't know.
E: It would go, "Wih-wih- chooo".

E: Mommy, what if I'm just imagining it?
Me: Imagining what?
E: My life.

I was playing a song for my husband on the computer and, since we were in the other room, I turned the speakers up LOUD. Miss E wanted to go back into the computer room and I didn't want her in there, potentially damaging her ears. So, when she started in that way, I said, "No, don't go in there." She said, "Why?". I said, "Because I said 'No'". She said, "No, why?" Her daddy then said, "Because we love you." With that not satisfying her curiosity, she then said, "No, that's not the reason daddy, let mommy explain."

[while in the garage where our cat brings her kills...]
Me: See any bird guts in here?
E: I see a clue.
Me: What?
E: A feather! Maybe a momma bird was in here. We have a mystery we need to solve.

Upon asking, for the umpteenth time, if Miss E was done going 'poo-poo'. When she said, "No." I sighed and she said, "It's a long poo-poo day."

E: Mommy, I want a pig.
Me: Oooo, E, pigs stink.
E: Don't worry mommy. I'll put a wire clip on your nose so the pigs won't stink so badly and you won't smell it.

(said 1/2 awake when she woke momentarily, when I went to check on her in the wee hours of the morn)... Mommy, when will I be able to skate on ice?

While sucking a lollipop, Miss E says, "Mommy, I made up an expression". I said, "What's that?" She said, "Pop your lillipop" (not lollipop). I said, "What does that mean?" She said "It means 'come on'".

[after coming back from the bathroom and previously talking about camping sometime in "The Enchanted Forest" (our front grove of trees)]: Mommy, I realized something while I was in the bathroom. I realized something that was not in my brain. I don't have any sleeping bag memories. We don't have any sleeping bags, do we?

Happy Birthday Miss E.

I love you More Than Words Can Say.

Friday, July 9, 2010

He's a Breast Man...

....ughhhh, to say the least. I have tried getting this boy to eat SOMEthing other than ...nursing off of momma (ughh again).
FINALLY have him doing half/half breastmilk/formula once, say, every other day to keep him used to a bottle (boy, that was an ordeal). Although I do plan to breast feed for at least a year (did my daughter for 14 months)... I would still like him to be versatile enough to take straight formula.
ANNNND being almost 6 months old and HUGE, I have been trying to get him to eat; cereal with formula, cereal with breast milk, tried baby food (peaches) yesterday. This boy just wants to suck... will not do food. I know, I know, in time...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Sentiments...

(pic is of our flags by our front gate)

Happy birthday America.