Monday, October 26, 2009

This Ain't No Dress Rehearsal... this is it!

21, TWENTY-ONE, Two-One, 10.5 + 10.5, 3 Shy of 2 Dozen...

I had a little chuckle this AM while putting on my right sock.

You see, I put my foot in my sock and felt something strange... my first thought: "What on earth?" (and then in a nanosecond, thought changed to...) "Ohhhh" ...followed by an audible chuckle. All of this occurred with no one around- just me, my right sock, and a little folded piece of paper stuck into the toe of my right sock... thus stopping me from putting it on.

Whaaaat... is she talking about?!?

It all started about..??... oh, a couple of months back. My husband tells me that he needed some slacks washed for work. I went and looked in the laundry hamper. There were TWO pairs of slacks in there. I went into our closet and COUNTED the number of slacks HANGING up... 21, that is TWENTY-ONE pairs of slacks hanging up in the closet.

Sidebar: In all fairness, I should give my husband's side of the story. He says that he will hang his pants back up after being worn because he doesn't know when I will wash them (he does this provided they're clean because he sat at a computer most of the day). He also said that there many pants hanging up that he doesn't wear and need to be donated.

Sidebar: In all fairness to me... I have asked him how am I supposed to know that he needs pants if he has 21 pair hanging in the closet. I look at the hamper and I'm not going to do a load of two pair of pants. I am a big load washer person.

ANYWAY.... so... where was I? .... oh... piece of paper.... So, that evening, upon counting TWENTY-ONE pair of pants, I write a note and stick it to one of the pair of pants hanging on his side of our closet.
(you can click on the pic for a closer read)

Welllll... over the course of the last couple of months or so, that note has traveled. Next thing I know, I find the note in my mirrored medicine cabinet. So I put it in my husband's medicine cabinet. Next, I find it in my pillow case. So, I put it under the bed sheets, his side, down by his feet. Well, it finds its way to my side, under the sheets. Next, I find it in my undies drawer. I put it in his underwear drawer, BUT I folded it small and put it inside the pair of underwear. know, I just can't remember all the places it's been.... I know it made it to my sock drawer once before and, I think, to my bra drawer and his sock drawer.

With all this note surprising, I really thought I had him when our daughter and I went to visit 'Daddy' at work.... the ball was in my court on this piece of paper. So, we go to Daddy's work, we visit, we meet other people, we go back to his office and while our Little Someone had her Daddy's attention, I put it in a mug that's in a drawer that contains his coffee paraphernalia.

Ahh-ha! Away from home.... I have deposited it somewhere in his stuff... away from home.

Well, as of this AM, I see... felt... that it found its way back.


Oh, the games one plays after (almost) 22 years.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Compare & Contrast

Do you remember those papers in school that you wrote whereas you had to compare and contrast paired items from a list? I didn't mind them because I could always find some offbeat tangent to go on.

Sidebar: Evidently, I am or have been found to be "offbeat". More than one person has said I march to a different drummer (you know, my drummer doesn't sound different to me?!?). With this in mind, my mom even had a Robert Frost poem done in Calligraphy with my name intertwined off to the side... the poem is one of my favorites: The Road Not Taken. She said it reminded her of me.

ANYway, where am I going with this... Oh, compare and contrast... Aside from standing in a bit different position and other small ancillary background things being present/not present in the below pics, what IS the difference between these photos??
Do a little Compare and Contrast, you won't hurt my feelings... I'm a brick hooouuuse.

So have you studied and found anything?? Okay, well, I'll tell ya... the pic on the left was taken during my first pregnancy at 30 weeks ~ the pic on the right was taken during this current pregnancy (3 & 1/2 years later) at 26 weeks... yes, that is ONE month earlier in the pregnancy than the 1st photo.

Oh Lordy, oh Lordy and I'm forty (hey, it rhymes) ....and feeling like a h-o-u-s-e... like an imMobile home.
Okay, well enough for now, it's time to park this motor home and go to bed.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Can Eat Off My Floor

Today, at 6:45 PM CST, you could eat off my tile floors.
I just had to note this... because I don't know when I will be able to again.
Yes, I know, I should have a pic. Alas, I don't. But just think, shiny cobblestone CLEAN tile... I mean CLEAN enough to eat off of!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Little Imperfections

My mom emailed this to me and it stood out too good to not post.
It's so true. Overall, it IS the Little Things that matter.

Mrs. Lee (played by playwright, director and actress Jo Kukathas) speaks at the funeral of her husband. Snoring and gas become the talking points for living with one another's imperfections.
She explains that it is the little imperfections that actually make us all such beautiful individuals.

The commercial provides support for family bonding, thanks to the craft of Malaysian film director,  Yasim Ahmed: "Little Imperfections".

It is a good video, look it up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

High Elevation Expansion

We got back from Colorado a few days ago. For those that don't know, when you're in the higher altitudes, food items, etc., that are vacuum packed, expand and bubble out to the sealed ends of the package.
That happened to me.
But, since we have come back down to our Texas elevation, I have yet to decrease from my expanded mode.
Pregnancy... hmmph.