Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flowers in a Bowl ~ and Ohh So Fragrant Are They

We like picking flowers. And in the front corner of our property, we have some Empress trees planted. Every spring, they bloom pretty soft lavender trumpet-like flowers. Not long after blooming, the flowers drop on the ground and it looks something like is has snowed (the trees have changed so much since this pic was taken 2 weeks ago).

So we picked a bunch up to put in a small bowl since they are so fragrant.

We decided to pick one bloom from our Saucer Magnolia tree and put it in the center of the bowl.
See the pretty flowers!


  1. They are beautiful as is your 'little someone.'


I say, somewhat facetiously, that I have a small little world. What can I say... blogging is my entertainment and hearing from you makes my 'little world' a tad bigger.