Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Garage Doors

Garage doors are a goodly semi-expensive thing. And, if they didn't complete the look of the house so... I wouldn't want to pay for one. But, alas, they do put a finishing touch on things, so we're getting a new one.

Ours is toast. It started with Hurricane Ike blowing her out. Since then, and being on a hill getting good winds, my handy-other half has fixed her up about four times now. But, with this last blowout, she not only came off the track (again), but folded back in on herself. She has been officially pronounced dead. So, we have a new one on order.

So, it's garage doors I'm thankful for on this Thursday. And I'll be more thankful when the new one is finally installed and ready to go.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Latest REPEATED Question

Whether it's the library or the grocery store or (hmmm, where else do I go?) ...or ...ummm... or the... uhh.. or any other store that is not for groceries, our two and three-quarter year old has been asking, "Is she/he a stranger?" ...which is often followed up by, "Do you talk to them?".

All very good questions since we have been discussing that whole "we don't talk to strangers" thing.

I will say... I much prefer our daughter to blurt this outloud, at the library, all the while pointing, with children and parents sitting all around during story-time verses what she blurted out a couple of times a few weeks ago: "Is that boy black?"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Big Reasons to Feel Safe Around Here...

We had the septic guy come to do a regular maintenance check that's required by the county. I brought the dogs in and had the front gate open for him. The dogs heard/saw the different vehicle out on the road before he came in and that was enough to set them off.

In the video below, they can't even see him, but the know he's out there. I took this video before I told them to "Huuush!". They usually listen.

Momma, Smidgen and her daughter, Smudge... two big reasons I feel safe out and about our property.

For book purposes, the below picture was put in place of the video.
It was taken from same time period.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dinner Table Dialogue

Little Someone is sitting at the table already eating her dinner (which was different from mine) as I carry my bowl of Campbell's Potato Cheese & Broccoli soup in and sit next to her...

She sniffs the air, wrinkles her nose and says, "Eww, what's that smell?" I answer, "It's my soup". She says, "It smells like a toot."

Bon app├ętit.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's Pop Quiz: What Kind of Happy are You?

What Kind of Happy are You?
You Are "Engaged"

You feel completely absorbed and intrigued right now. You're cheerfully busy. You're alert and completely involved with everything you do. You don't walk through life half-asleep. If you're interested and engrossed, then you feel incredibly happy. You are constantly curious and never bored. There's too much to be fascinated with!

Yeah, let me tell you, those last two lines do describe me. Many a Discount Tire Employee, Sprinkler System Installer, Septic System guy, Custom Concrete Designer... (the list goes on)... you name the employee of whatever job it is we are having done. Evidently, I ask a lot of questions. I've been told so by numerous people. I don't feel like I do... doesn't everyone wonder about stuff to the Nth degree?!? Evidently not... so I've been told.

So, what kind of 'Happy' are you? To find out, click HERE for the short 5 question quiz and let me know!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretending to Wash Her Hands... and Face and Hair and...

Well, they say yogurt is good for the hair and skin...
(make sure your speakers are on)
Oh, by the way, I do sit with her when she's eating... I had gone into the kitchen to clean my dishes and load them in the dishwasher.

For book purposes, the below pictures were put in place of the video.
They were taken from same time period.
Alas, in the video, she had yogurt all over her face and in her hair.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weather or Not, It Doesn't Add Up

Duel front gate opener ~ $600.00 (plus tax)
5.1 Surround Sound headphones ~ $240.00 (plus tax & shipping)
Atomic clock ~ $29.00 (plus tax)
Cordless phone ~ $59.00 (plus tax)
La Crosse Remote Weather Station ~ $110.00 (plus tax & shipping


$ TOTAL: Over a Thousand Bucks

Do you know what these above items have in common? Actually, they have TWO things in common.

  1. They are all wireless devices.
  2. They are all toast.

Saturday, just after 2 PM, I walked back up the hall after putting our toddler down for her nap. My other half had his 5.1 surround sound wireless (in other words, expensive) headphones on -he had just started watching a movie (while Little Someone took her nap). I came from the hall, entering the foyer area that opens into the living room, and CRACK! (was like a loud bullwhip going off in my ears) accompanied by a white light.

Holy Cannoli! I about wet my pants ...but didn't. My husband turned and took his headphones off. We looked blankly at one another for a second and then I told him what I heard and saw... he heard it too and his headphones stopped working. So, he went up in the attic to see if we had been hit. No signs. Came back in the living room and we smelled a distinct burnt smell... an electronic burnt smell, it IS distinct. It was the receiver for his headphones.

Well, poopy-doop. That wasn't all... everything we had that was wireless was toast ~ no worky, kaput, out of commission, done for AND we each had headaches for short period of time. Aaarrghhh!

BUT, at the same time, I was having SUCH great respect for Momma Nature and LIGHTENING and EMFs. We were getting some weather outside at the time, but hadn't particularly noticed much lightening. That's probably what the last golfer that got struck by lightening said too... well, if it didn't kill him. Okay, so I'm thankful nothing more happened.

But, what doesn't add up is the amount. Well, yeah, it adds up. But, it's less than out home owner's insurance deductible. Hence, it doesn't add up.
Well poopy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ohhh Spring

Spring is my favorite time of year. There are so many spectacular changes taking place... and, as a person that does not like change, these are welcomed changes to watch and witness in nature. Plus, the weather is not cold or hot. Many a splendid thing comes with Spring.

Here are three short video clips that show some things that help make spring what she is. All are time lapse videos- very intriguing to watch nature in fast forward mode.
For book purposes, the below pictures are put in place of the videos.
They were taken from same time period.
Don't forget to scroll down and pause or mute my Playlist on the right, so you can hear the video.
This one is of a Silk Moth expanding her wings for the first time:

This one is of chicks hatching:

And, below, a flower opening and closing -watch the flower's stamens fold in before closing.

I tell you, Mother Nature has this stuff down... course, she has been practicing for awhile.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Conventional Commodity: Rubber Boots

Con-ven-tion-al: adjective, (kuhn-ven-shuh-nl): ordinary rather than different or original.
Com-mod-i-ty: noun, (kuh-mod-i-tee): something of use, advantage, or value.

But they're fancy rubber boots!
I've had a solid black pair of rubber boots since I was in high school (for feeding the horses when it rains) ...let's just say they are a quarter of a century old. Yeah, rubber last a l-o-n-g time, but they were getting dry-rotted so badly that they had splits in the rubber... not so water proof anymore. So, momma got herself a new pair of boots!

Hey, it's the Little Things.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday's Sonnet/Poem:


The alder by the river
Shakes out her powdery curls;
The willow buds in silver
For little boys and girls.

The little birds fly over
And oh, how sweet they sing!
To tell the happy children
That once again 'tis spring.

The gay green grass comes creeping
So soft beneath their feet;
The frogs begin to ripple
A music clear and sweet.

And buttercups are coming,
And scarlet columbine,
And in the sunny meadows
The dandelions shine.

And just as many daisies
As their soft hands can hold
The little ones may gather,
All fair in white and gold.

Here blows the warm red clover,
There peeps the violet blue;
O happy little children!
God made them all for you.

~Celia Thaxter

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Pop Quiz

Question: Are you tired and do you have a lot of housework and other stuff to catch up on?

Answer: Yes.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Major Award

Remember the post title, "It's a Major Award! I Won!" ? Well, I am finally getting to download the photos from the digital pic camera (taxes always puts me in a stew and leaves me behind in other things). But, now that it's done, I can show you my award!

Libby over at Neas Nuttiness was celebrating her "One Year Blogaversary" by doing a giveaway. Lo and behold, I won. I don't normally win things, so I was delighted.

Look at this envelope with the lovely added touch of a flower and then the ribbon on the delicate little lace sachet ...and what nice handwriting! Mine has been accused of looking like it's either from a doctor or that it's 'man-handwriting' ~which is not fair to men, because my other half's is much neater than mine.

The earrings that are matching to the bracelet ~ simply chic.
And the bracelet- nice and dainty for my skinny little wrist... which is the only thing skinny about me (well, that and my ankles). Yes, I know, my nails are short. To repeat, we have a horse breeding business. Mares don't like long nails when my arm is up them for an insemination.

If you haven't checked out Neas Nuttiness, you ought to go over. She's a down home, dog-loving, wife and momma (of ten kids!) and will leave you with a smile. Thanks Libby for the lovely giveaway prize. I like that they are not overstated (which isn't my style) and look to enjoy them for years to come ...and, of course, think of you when I do!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th ~ This is All I Got to Say...

And last, but certainly not least, we are...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Most Precious Thing ~ Uggh

So tonight (Monday), as usual, I read my daughter her stories before bed time. One of the stories was called "The Most Precious Thing".

The story is about a momma and baby bear. They are walking along in nature and the baby bear finds this shiny blue stone and holds it up to show her momma how beautiful it is. The momma bear says that yes, it is beautiful. But, that the most precious thing is even more beautiful. Baby bear wonders what 'the most precious thing' is and begins looking in earnest.

Next, she finds a velvety, soft rose and asks her momma if it was the most precious thing. The momma bear says that yes, it is soft, but that the most precious thing is even softer. The story continues with the bear finding a feather and holding it up to her momma asking the same... "Is this the most precious thing?" Finally, the book ends with the momma telling her baby bear that SHE is the most precious thing.

So, fast forward... putting our daughter down after reading. My husband puts her in her large crib and tells her 'Night-night' and all and exists the room. I am at the crib-side and just as I start our usual short conversation/singing before saying, "Sweet dreams, Night-night." Our Little Someone reaches her hand up towards me and says, "Is this the most precious thing?" I smile at her pretending and take her hand and lovingly kiss it and let it go telling her that, no, she is the most precious thing. She then says, "That was a booger." (!?!) I take my hand to my face, feel and sure enough, was a big booger stuck to my bottom lip.


Out of the mouths of babes .....err..... the nose of babes...... or nearly in this babe's mouth..... Ewww......... you get the picture.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Day After Easter

A couple of days ago, I had started picking out some pics for an Easter post (from the www), but ended up posting the videos of our Little Someone. Well, in keeping with not letting my searching (that was incomplete) go to waste, here they are.

Just thought this was "Eastery" looking -the pastel colors and all.

Easter reminds me of many things- nature and all her splendor. And this shot in an egg shape just caught me.

When I was perusing the net, looking at thumbnails, I did a double take of this one thinking someone had put bunnies on the table- nope, just cleverly done cakes.

Just look at those colors!

This pic was taken out our west porch- the pic has not been 'touched'. Those colors are real. Just beautiful, isn't it?

I could wax philosophic about much, but I won't. It suffices to say that we are blessed.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Preamble to Easter

We live rurally. However, there is a neighborhood close by that is gated & moated (a very nice one, to say the least- a 1/4 acre lot goes for $50K). Anyway, we have a friend that lives in this neighborhood, thus allowing us entrance by the front guard shack as guests of hers. We feel quite lucky, as we are able to take advantage of those events that some neighborhoods offer that living rurally doesn't, i.e. Good Friday Easter Egg Hunts for the little ones, Halloween trick-or-Treating and going to the club-house pool for swimming in the summer.
The Friday Easter festivities are busy, loud and harried... but, for the most part, fun for the little ones.
Below is a video of our Little Someone meeting the Easter Bunny~ she wasn't so sure of this hairy big bunny... but, I guess, I wouldn't be either!
For book purposes, the below picture was put in place of the video.
It was taken from same time period and is the only pic I have from that Easter.

Don't forget to scroll down and pause or mute my Playlist on the right, so you can hear the video.
Here's another one of her gathering eggs.
Just for the record... in case it looks like I am just about dragging our daughter out before we start 'gathering'... I gently was... the camera does not catch the HERD(!) behind us, as each age group has a rope on the ground sectioning off eggs for that group... I did not want us to get bumped or smooshed. We were in the 3 and under group-though the announcer says '3 y/olds' (our daughter is 2yrs, 8 months). Also, one woman's voice on there (particularly at the beginning) is not mine -it was CROWDED... but not as much where we were. We were given a number limit on eggs, hence why we stopped.
Don't forget to scroll down and pause or mute my Playlist on the right, so you can hear the video.

This post is scheduled to post on Easter ~ hope you all have a good one.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Whoo-Hoo! Taxes are DONE!

Now, just to get them sent off. So, in the spirit of this ....ahem.. cough, cough... choke(!) ...wonderful time, here's a little TaxMan Boogie song for you.

Don't forget to scroll down and pause or mute my Playlist on the right, so you can hear the video.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Re-Post... because I'm 'not allowed' to post anything new until TAXES are done.

{posted on 9-20-08 and called a "Step Back in Time"}

Time flies.
Just a few pics following to illustrate that point.

Still loves baths.
Still has beautiful eyes.
Still loves her pups.
Time flies, but it's nice that some things don't change with time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Arrgghhh ... Taxes

Did I mention just how MUCH I despise taxes? ...and doing them? ... hmmm... maybe they're doing me, cause I feel sc*ew*d.

{My apologies for the inappropriate humor. This is what doing taxes does to me though... puts me all in a funk.}

Monday, April 6, 2009

Taxes IS a Four Letter Word

Just in case you don't read the comments that folks leave, I decided to put it in the title. That is, that TAXES is a four letter word.
RR let me know so. You see that fifth letter... the "S" -it's just an add on (like a tax)... and, you know what I think the "S" stands for??
Yes, just what you're thinking... well, just what many of you are thinking.
Still plodding~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Plodding Along the Tax Trail.... Ugghh

The outdoor loving part me wishes for nasty wet weather so I don't have too feel so bad about missing being outside. You know "TAXES" should be a four letter word.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Quiz & Other Stuff Cancelled due to More Mentally TAXing Things


I won't start... or I'll try not to. Just FYI, "bloggy-land" may be traveled infrequently by me for ?!? as TAX time is upon us and, with an Equine Breeding Business, all of our ducks ... errr... horses must be in a row.

Let me just say, I cannot tell you how MUCHHH I despise our tax system... on SO many levels. I could rant for a LONG time on the subject, but I won't subject you to that (hey.. "subject and subject" what do you call those words that look the same, but are said differently?).

ANYway, hope y'all are faring/will fare well with your TAX stuff.

And please, don't redistribute any of your "wealth" on my behalf.

Yup, slowly, but surely, I think Atlas may be shrugging.

[ For those ?? not so 'political'... sorry, but... I just had to get that off my chest... *sighhh* ...okay, I feel better now. But, that shouldn't last long because I haven't started doing our taxes yet. ]
Until next time....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Growing Up with Dogs

This pic must of been taken about 37 or so years ago. It is my mom in the pic. I like it of her, as she is so vibrant and young looking (I'm not saying that she isn't now). I vaguely remember the dogs pictured here. We had Beagles growing up and one Cockapoo.

I liked to sit in and share their dog house (I don't know if they liked it) or lay in the grass with them. I just know that I never knew not liking dogs.

"Daisy" was the Cockapoo's name (pictured below with me @ about 8 yrs old). She was a kookie dog- she may not have been firing on all cylinders. She was a hoot though.

I'll never forget one evening... Daisy was old, but still around when my husband and I started dating for the second time (I was 18 yrs old). Anyway, my husband, then boyfriend, and I were in the living room one evening... our house was such that the living room was centered and surrounded by an entrance hall going into a den area that went into a dining area to the kitchen and back to the living room... well, Daisy just lit a spark and started running the circle that went around the living room. That old girl was hauling and made two or three maniacal laps and came straight back out of the kitchen and ran right for and leaped into my husband's lap. Probably is one of those things you had to be there for, but it was funny.

One of the ?? "odder"... "kookier".. yuckier things that Daisy did dealt with the L-A-R-G-E roaches that often frequented the back porch where the dogs ate (growing up in the coastal region of SE TX, it's considered the sub-tropics. If you had lots of trees and shrubs, you had roaches). At one point in time, I was the one responsible for changing the dog's water bowl every night. That d*#! water bowl had openings on the side bottom, thus making the bowl hollow underneath. Those dad-gum L-A-R-G-E roaches would like to hide under there. So, I got accustomed to kicking the bowl so they could scatter before I picked it up ...because we're talking MAJOR Heebie-Jeebies if one of those L-A-R-G-E roaches ever crawled on you. So, I'd kick the bowl and that crazy dog would frantically chase the roaches and crunch up as many as she could when they scattered.... uhhh!

Nevertheless, I digress. It's Thankful Thursday and I am truly thankful that I was blessed to have grown up with dogs... even roach-crunching mentally-challenged ones.

[We adopted Daisy from the SPCA. She may have been mentally-challenged, but she was one of the sweetest, most loving pups there ever was].

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Stranger

Got an email, from a friend, of the below story. It is her dad in the story that met the stranger. His story spoke to me of such truth that I'm compelled to post it. Perhaps you can relate. I hope you enjoy.

A few years after I was born, my Dad met a stranger who was new to our small Texas town. From the beginning, Dad was fascinated with this enchanting newcomer and he liked him so well, at some point along the way, he invited him to live with our family.

The stranger was quickly accepted and was around from then on. As I grew up, I never questioned his place in my family. In my young mind, he had a special niche. My parents were complementary instructors: Mom taught me good from evil, and Dad taught me to obey. But the stranger...he was our storyteller. He would keep us spellbound for hours on end with adventures, mysteries and comedies.

If I wanted to know anything about politics, history or science, he always knew the answers about the past, understood the present and even seemed able to predict the future! He took my family to the first major league ball game. He made me laugh, and he made me cry. The stranger never stopped talking, but Dad didn't seem to mind.

Sometimes, Mom would get up quietly while the rest of us were shushing each other to listen to what he had to say, and she would go to the kitchen for peace and quiet (I wonder now if she ever prayed for the stranger to leave).

Funny thing though... Dad ruled our household with certain moral convictions, but soon the stranger never felt obligated to honor them. Profanity, for example, was not allowed in our home... Not from us, our friends or any visitors. Our longtime visitor, however, got away with four-letter words that burned my ears and made my dad squirm and my mother blush. My Dad didn't permit the liberal use of alcohol. But the stranger encouraged us to try it on a regular basis. He made cigarettes look cool, cigars manly and pipes distinguished. He talked freely (much too freely!) about sex. His comments were sometimes blatant, sometimes suggestive, and generally embarrassing.

I now know that my early concepts about relationships were influenced strongly by the stranger. Time after time, he opposed the values of my parents, yet he was seldom rebuked... And NEVER asked to leave.

More than fifty years have passed since the stranger moved in with our family. He has blended right in and is not nearly as fascinating as he was at first. Still, if you could walk into my parent's den today, you would still find him sitting over in his corner, waiting for someone to listen to him talk and watch him draw his pictures.

His name?...... We just call him 'TV.'
He has a wife now.... We call her 'Computer.'