Sunday, December 26, 2010

E-isms of the last few months...

Miss E is 4 1/2 years old. The "E-isms" below were saved over the last 3 months. And though many may sound like something she is repeating, that is why they are on this list... because she came up with them on her own (even the "it runs in our family" one). Also, these are word for word. If she says something that is funny or strikes one of us odd or cute, I will email it and/or call and leave it as a message so her words can be saved and not paraphrased. Sometimes it's the word choice that is so funny or memorable.

(said while on the pot- poor thing takes fiber because of constipation)
E: I wish there were fairies.
Me: Why?
E: So I could say please grant me a wish. I wish that when I had to go poo-poo that it would not be hard and come out soft and smooth forever.

What Miss E said after erroneously drinking some watered down formula that was in a spill proof cup for baby brother, Mr. C. She went to rinse out her mouth and I told her I would of liked to see her face. I asked what did she do. She said: 'My saliva started not liking the taste.'

Gma: You are So smart.
E: I know, it runs in my family.
Gma: (laughing out loud)'re funny too.
E: That runs in my family too.

E: Momma, when my Grandma dies, will we ever get a new Grandma?
Me: No, could we ever get the same grandma?
E: No.

E: How did they get the medicine in your body? Where did they put it? (for my c-section, so the cutting wouldn't hurt).

E: Momma, when they didn't have batteries, how did machines work?

Upon seeing something similar on Sesame Street...
E: Someday I'm going to get into our mailbox and when you go down there to get the mail, I'm going to jump out and say 'Boo!'.
Me: Do you think you'd fit in our mailbox?
E: I'm not sure, maybe C (her baby brother) would!

E: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum... We have a situ-a-shee-un (situation).

E: Mommy, can we go to the place that has the signs and dead people in boxes? (there is a lovely little cemetery with lots of trees at the edge of our small town and, on occasion, we have taken a drive through it).

We were driving to the zoo and we crossed over a metal grate in the road where construction was being done. It made a loud noise and E asked what it/the noise was and I explained and she said, "Oh, it scared off my thinking."

E: Mommy, I just may live in Georgetown when I grow up.
Me: Oh, why is that?
E: Because then I can go and see Grandma and Grandpa easier.

(Conversation while E and her daddy were on the porch having breakfast while the sun came up)...
E: Look daddy, Smudge (our dog) is sniffing around for the raccoon.
Daddy: No, she's sniffing for a place to poop.
E: I have a pretty smart brain, I know these things.
At this point, E gets up to watch the dog. As the dog commences to squat to poop...
E: Well daddy, you're right! Ding, ding, ding!

Monday, December 13, 2010

If I could Twinkle-Twitch My Nose...

Do you remember, from the early 70's, how Samantha on "Bewitched" did her nose ? Well, if I could twinkle-twitch my nose to get one household chore done, it would be for doing the LAUNDRY.
Our laundry BREEDS (I swear, it really seems too).

I probably don't help matters by being so ..... (hmmm)... ??anal-retentive ... obsessive compulsive ?? about how the laundry is done. I mean, I have, ohhh, say six+ different load groupings: dirty whites, clean whites, brights, dirty darks, clean darks, really dirty all others (& then sometimes that has to be split). And then there's an order to which you load the washer; put water in, then detergent, THEN clothes... and the spray stain remover has to soak for what the bottle says.. you can't throw them in immediately. Okay, so it's no wonder it's not my favorite chore (although, I will say, my clothes are really clean). I mean with vacuuming, I at least get immediate gratification with a clean floor (having a Dyson sure helps though).

So... laundry... some people seems to be faster at it than others and SOME people seem to be Wonder Woman of Laundry... namely, my mom. I swear (I know, you're not supposed to swear)...anyway, my mom can go through a busting hamper of clothes like it was a small bag of miniature milky way candy bars.

I am a blessed person in SO SO many ways... but the way I am talking right now about deals with her bionic speed of clothes washing. She visits fairly regularly and (though I tell her not to worry about it, honestly), she usually washes whatever clothes that can be found in the hampers and she does it so... so fast. She gets it done in half of the time (or less) than it would take me. I usually forget the load when it's done washing because I'm doing something else. Or the dryer has stopped and I have to start it again to get the clothes hot so they won't be wrinkly when I take them out. I think she (my mom) has a laundry timer that has been implanted in her head.

So, I'm curious, if you stumble onto this site... whether you're from London, Saudi, Hong Kong, Spain, Dublin, Canada, or Texas, etc.... you get the picture. I would be curious to hear what chore would you Twinkle-Twitch your nose to get done?
[to do so, you just click on the 'comment' button-you don't have to have an email or anything-a person can choose 'anonymous']

p.s. For what it's worth, I'm just venting... I am grateful to have a washer & dryer and the ability to wash clothes and grateful for the clothes that need washing... etc.. yada, yada... just venting and saying THANKS MOM.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Clan, Jingle Jangle-ing...

Friday, December 3, 2010

On My List of Things to Do this Holiday Season...

Yeah right(!).
I can't seem to get ANYthing done because SOMEone has new found mobility and seems to think the Christmas tree is his magnetic polar opposite ~ if you get my ...pulling, gravitating, alluring, magnetic, enticing, enchanting, drawing, appealing... DRIFT.