Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a Major Award! I Won!

"I have mind power, you see, Mind Power."

Update: the video is no longer available.
For that reason and for book purposes, the below picture was put in place of the video.
It was taken from same time period.
Well, actually, I don't know how much 'mind power' I have, but I did win something (!) and since I don't win things as a rule, I have to get excited. Oh and just for the record, I'm not plagiarizing the title of this post from Robynn's Ravings. It's from that movie called 'A Christmas Story'. It seems that she and I think alike in a few different ways and after commenting over at the place where I won and starting this post... I realized, "Heyyyy, did someone post something like this?!?". I even went to RR's and searched her blog archive (I honestly could not remember) and found that yes, she and I do think alike (what a compliment to me).
ANYway... I won! Neas Nuttiness was having a Giveaway to celebrate her one year Blogaversary... Congrats Libby! Hmmm... maybe I'll have to celebrate somehow when my One Year rolls around in August. Thank you again Libby. Y'all, she has a fun blog... go and check her out. My goodness, the woman has her hubby and TEN kids... just saying THAT right there nominates her for a Major Award!
Speaking of major award... can you imagine the ?!? angst the poor wife/mom feels in this video when he wants to put that lamp up... much less in the front window?!? Yes, it's a movie, but I so felt for her. And then Ralphy stroking the lamp?!? Ayy-yi-yii. Cracks me up.


Neas Nuttiness said...

My BFF in Florida, as two boys. When the youngest was only about 3, this became his favorite movie. I think that he asked to watch "Ralphy" every day for years!
My favorite part, is when the dogs get in the kitchen, and then they have to go to a Chinese place for dinner. Fa rah rah rah rah, rah rah rah rah!

Hey - my verification word is:
Which is just what I just did..
I sung for a minuet!

knothead said...

Boy....that lamp is hot!

Bz said...

Yeah, considering what his outlet looked like, he probably has a bulb in it that not over-rated for the wattage.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Congratulations to one who is VERY deserving of winning any award that comes her way!! YAAAYYYYYYY!!! And hey, don't worry about taking the title from ME...uh....didn't I "lift" that right outta the movie?! lol

Are we going to get to see you in the award? Jewels as I recall? And I LOVE that movie. When my son thinks his life stinks because of some life-changing difficulty we have thrust upon him (like expecting him to clean up his room), Grizzly and I like to lapse into the scene Ralphie imagines in his head where he goes blind due to parental discipline: "It was, it was....the SOAP!"

Sweetie said...

I love the movie and still watch it every year. My neighbor has a replica of the leg lamp in her picture window during the holiday season. This year her home won first place in the decorations contest. My friend gave me a tiny "leg" night light. I love it!