Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy

I saw this video and it spoke such truth. This comedian (Louis CK) is hilarious and so spot on.

I sure hope most of the generation(s) coming up today don't continue the Entitlement Mentality that seems so prevalent these days. Though as I watch things evolve with the 'world out there', I can get gloomy about it all. Okay, enough on that... I do like his rant.

Oh~ Don't forget to first scroll down and 'pause' the Playlist on the right so you can hear the video.


  1. Man - I wish you could come over and teach me how to embed videos and voice streams into my blog! How did you learn to do all this stuff? I feel so computer illiterate!!!

  2. Oh - I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the You Tube clip!

  3. I can't even begin to tell you how much this clip resonates with me!! My husband and I complain about this exact thing all the time!!

  4. To embed YouTube videos, you first have to become a YouTube member ...it's just as easy as blogger (email and password).
    Once a member, sign in to YouTube and find the video that you want to embed. Not all videos are "embed-able". You look on the right under where it gives info on the video. There is a box that will say, "Embed" ..followed by either "Embedding disabled by request" (can't embed these)
    it will say: Embed: (...followed by HTML code in the little white rectangle)
    This is the code that you copy -once you have chosen your options (border around the video, etc).
    Once you copy the code, go to make a new post in Blogger and click the 'Edit Html' tab above the post box and then paste your code.
    You can put spaces in before or after the code to type stuff -and you can switch back and forth between the "Compose" tab and the "Edit Html" tab to check your work.

  5. Oh I was ROARING!!!! Thanks for this one. I had to call Hannah-Bo in to sit and listen, too. Grizzly's next. Perspective is everything isn't it?!


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