Thursday, December 31, 2009

"HAMPER"ing the Truth?!?

Nooo, I'm not.
I swear....... no lie....... honest to God....... I kid you NOT....... Seriously speaking....... No joke....... I tell ya....... it's the truth that while my laundry waits to be washed in that dark, stinky, romantic hamper, it BREEDS!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Didn't Fall Off of the Face of the Earth on Christmas!

What I mean is NO CHRISTMAS BABY WAS BORN!! Yippee!!
Feeling like a waddling Oompa-Loompa, I was worried about going into labor on Christmas --the further from Christmas, the better is our thought (cesarean scheduled for 1/12)... SOOO, point is... phewww!... Christmas will be just that -no (future) birthdays on the same day.
Ohh, and the "falling off of the face of the earth"... that is what happens with me when a newborn arrives. Took me about 5-6 months to crawl back over earth's edge with our daughter.
Hope y'all had a good Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Compare & Contrast II

So, here we have another Compare and Contrast (you can see the 1st Compare & Contrast here). So, with the two pics below... notice any differences?
Yes, I know in the first one on the left, there is a towel on the mantle because we had a (arrghh) leak and in the second pic (on the right), stockings are hung and Christmas decorations are abound.

Any other differences?
Well, I'll tell you the difference. The pic on the left was taken in the summer, in the early morning hours before we left so our daughter could be delivered (via cesarean).
The second pic was taken A MONTH BEFORE I am scheduled for a cesarean (sched. for the 12th of Jan.) -Ha! ...wonder if I'll make it... seeing as I am as big as I am.

We think our Little Someone-that was there in the first pic, hidden, will be a great big sister!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We got SNOW!!!

Now that may not be saying much to some of you folks. But here in SE Texas, it's saying something. Not only did we have SNOW!, but we beat the record for earliest timing of it ever happening. December 10th was the date of the previous record. We got SNOW! on December 4th.

AND, we got more than the little sprinkle that is gone once it hits the ground.
Just look!

{Remember, all pics can be clicked for a spectacular view~ you may even see the Woodpecker on the tree with the swing}

Our little cow dinner bell even caught snow...
A view off the back porch looking towards the barn...

Below is a view looking off the end of the front porch towards the one neighbor we have.
We're holding onto that sad tree as long as it can hold a swing-we had a big 'replacement' tree put in directly behind it just waiting-you can't see the tree in this pic, but those are the leafed branches from it sticking out.

Looking down the front porch (hi pups) towards the pasture...

Our little tree and the SNOW! outside...

We even had enough to make a little snowman -thanks to 'daddy', of course...

Acorns served as eyes, a baby carrot was his nose, and an aloe-vera leaf was the mouth...
The next day, most of the snow had melted away- enough for Smidgen to get a good sunning in dry grass...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looks Like We're Covered...

...err, I mean HE will be covered. Boy, oh boy! (no pun intended). Seeing as we... I am major huge pregnant with a boy and we have a girl, I have few hand-me-downs from her. Welllll, not any more!

Wowey, wow, wow. Indeed. As things currently stand, looks like we're covered for boy clothes until about age two.

You see all these clothes below ... on the table. There's more there than meets the eye. A friend of mine from our local library (and her sister-in-law) gave me TONS of baby (and older) boy clothes. That stack on the left of the table....

...see closer below here. That stack alone has 26 little baby onesies.

And, oh my gosh, the socks. May not look like that many here. But I counted: 56 pair! ...and that isn't all of them. I told my friend, she must be the Emelda Marcos of socks.

And if that wasn't enough, another friend from the library, that has two boys, blessed us even more(!). One of her boys is a month older than our 3+ y/o and she has another that just turned 2 y/o. (I can never complain to her because she is around my age with TWO boys that close in age). ANYway, just LOOK what she gave us (and that's a king-size bed all that stuff is on):

And I'm talking NICE stuff! Just look at this jacket:

And CUUUUTE onesies...

And shoes...
We are truly blessed. Before we got all this, I had only bought FOUR things from a city-wide yard sale from the the itty-bitty town down the way.

There is so much to do with taking care of four horses, 2 huge dogs, a kitty, a HOUSEhold; doing dishes, all meals, washing laundry (that, I swear, breeds in the hamper), cleaning, bills, horse business taxes/paperwork... keeping an active, smart 3+ y/o little girl stimulated... I haven't even gotten to getting baby room ready, stuff stored, etc.... much less getting to the clothes thing... and you know, uhh, that's a necessary thing (I do have some unisex baby clothes from our daughter and had planned on getting those out-so I wasn't completely lagging in that department) ....but heck, now, NO worries!