Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Sunbathing Among Nature

This 'ole grey mare' is 29 years old. I've had her for 27 of those years. I cannot say enough about her right now... so I'll just tell you, she's priceless.
I caught her taking a break in front of the trough. I am waiting for the day to get a little of Nature's vitamin D, myself.

(Sorry for the graininess of the pic- it was taken from f-a-r away.)


  1. Love "Little Someone's" picture and your older baby looks very content in front of the trough. Lovely place and day to take a stroll.....

  2. Isn't she gorgeous!! And what a beautiful day to be out there soaking up some Vit. D. with your friends! ;-)

    And Little Someone's photo on the right? Oh my... that face is just so precious!!


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