Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday: My Husband's Smarts

I should hope to tell you the story someday of my husband and his bootstraps- the ones he pulled himself up from. But that will be a wordy one. So, for now, I will just share one of his feats.

He is an Engineering Manager for a large international company that does ... well, a lot- but much is in the area of oil and gas. Over the years, working in this field, my creative-half's mind has come up with a lot of neat things. Patents have been applied for on a number of them... but patents take awhile and companies get the fiscal rewards. Nevertheless, it's still nice know that you were the one responsible.

So, for Valentine's Day, I had this plaque made for my big Valentine. It, indeed, is something he should be proud of. For me, it is symbolic of the intellect he carries around. And you know, he's not the nerdy type of Engineer either! I can say this as I know quite a number of engineers. For his intellect and non-nerdiness, I am thankful (I can say this too, as I have been accused of being a little 'nerdy').


Robynn's Ravings said...

What a beautiful plaque and even more beautiful sentiment. He is blessed to have you. We embrace nerds in our family. It's an honored status. It would have to be if you lived here!

My daughter waxed rhapsodic one day over being able to use the rarely seen semi-colon in an essay she was writing. I told her I thought that officially entered her into the Nerd Hall of Fame! Read more about that later today on my post. BIG news!!!

Anonymous said...

It is quite a honor and you all should be proud. But I have another question .. where do the 'word verification' come from ??? You constantly astound me with all the clever 'stuff' the "widgets" "How time flies" traffic, time etc. It is all so fascinating.

Bz said...

Little does one know, until they enter the blog world, there's a plethora of widgets and gadgets and whatnot available for the little hobby-blogger, much less a pro. I've only scratched the surface.
Oh, and the word verification is a feature I can turn off or on- it's basically to prevent SPAM from occurring.

Neas Nuttiness said...

This is great!

My husband is a PE of Chemical Engineering. He isn't exactly nerdy, but they are a special breed of person...and I'm so glad, cause I really like him just the way he is!

Wounded Knee said...

See, I told you that ChE's aren't nerdy; just A SPECIAL BREED; per NN's comment!