Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Booger of a Cute Kitty

We have a kitty named Booger. She adopted us over nine years ago right before we moved into our home that we had built and live in now. She was born next door, as our neighbor was one of those types that doesn't have their animals spayed.

It was around the time that "Booger" was just a few months old and wild as a March hair that I was leaving the front door open in the early evenings when it was nice. I could see out the screen door as the house was perfectly set up for this.

Well, this little kitty started visiting at the screen door, so one evening, I left it open. She came in. It took some time... but she adopted us. I asked the neighbor if we had her spayed, could we have her. That was a no-brainer. She had so many already.

Shortly after the kitty's 6-month spaying, we decided on a name: Booger. She has a little white squiggly mark under her nose and she was a Booger, for sure. She needed a little holding to calm that wild hair. She learned fairly quickly to not squirm and scratch and to be cordial, if you will.

We moved out to our property and into our home... and she adjusted in no time flat. Since her early months were spent fending for herself (bringing us lizards and whatnot), the country life was right up her alley. She soon had the place rid of every mole on our eight acres. I imagine our closest neighbors benefited too. Booger isn't a big kitty- just about 8 pounds, but where size lacks, her fiest maintains. She puts our dogs in their place with just a look.

Kitty helping herslef to the dog's food.

Where's Waldo... er, um, I mean kitty??
(okay folks, just know I was in the middle of doing laundry)
Booger's no fool feline~ she knows the best spot in the house on cold winter's day.

You know, some people say, "I'm not a cat person" or "I'm not a dog person." I'm not sure why folks feel like they have to choose. I like both... okay, okay, dogs do give back more (to me). But, I won't hold it against kitty though. They can't help it if they're little boogers sometimes.


Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm a dog and cat person.
I've got to ask a question...I know that you have big dogs, but are you sure that one in the picture, isn't a moose?

Robynn's Ravings said...

Hi BZ!

We've had as many as six cats and three dogs and are now at 2/1, respectively. Dogs earn their living a little more but there is nothing like a purring cat laying on top of you to bring peace and calm. The cat we have now is my daughter's with absolutely no use for any of the rest of us. I miss my Kitty Baby. She was mine. Maybe I'll get another one, one of these days.