Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Pop Quiz

What Color Orange are You?

I am an Apricot.
Soft and sweet, you let your provocative nature shine through. You have a true love for all people. You try to build a bridge between differences. You are definitely unconventional, but you don't broadcast it. You are good at getting along. You offer people a fresh perspective on life - so fresh that it can be shocking!

[gees, this little quiz pegged me right too about being 'unconventional' (although, I think of myself as very traditional) ... On more than one occasion, I've been told that I dance to a different drummer ... hmmm, how did the quiz pick up my dancing style!?!]

So, what color Orange are you? To take this short, 5 question quiz, click HERE and let me know!


Anonymous said...

This was interesting ... I thought I was a pumpkin because of my SHAPE! L,M/Gma

What Color Orange Are You?

You Are Pumpkin
Realistic and practical, you see the world for how it is.
You know what it takes to succeed - hard, honest work.
You are willing to give it your all in life. You have no problem paying your dues in order to get ahead.
And you're happy to help others reach their goals. You have a very generous spirit.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I love these little quizzes. Quick and easy blog fodder for days when inspiration has failed me. Thanks for the link.

Robynn's Ravings said...

BZ - I am an apricot too. Let's get together and "Jam!" Okay. It was beneath me but it wrote itself.

Yes, love the porch swing and hot choco time. Toast is good, too. But mostly just love soaking up some kiddo time. It goes too fast. I know everyone says that but I guess it's because it's true. Thank you for your very kind words. I am blessed to have met new dear friends like you.

Anonymous said...

I took the test ... again AND answered the questions honestly ... I'm now a Cameo shade of Orange, not a pumpkin! I think I like that better. M/Gma

You Are Cameo
You are understanding and very empathetic. It's easy for you to see where people are coming from.
You find so much joy from other people. You're a social butterfly, and you wouldn't live any other way.
You don't tend to have acquaintances. Everyone is your friend.
And all of your friends tend to be friends. You have a knack for bringing very different people together.

Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

I am a cameo... but I'm not sure that "social butterfly" part applies to me! :) fun quizzes!! keep 'em coming!