Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daddy Hung the Moon

One evening, a bit after our daughter was born, my husband said the following (on the sign below). I liked what he said so well, I had a sign made, with his words on it, for Father's Day.
Now, we've got to find a place for it. It's still looking for a home as we try and decide (along with a few other pictures and prints that have been waiting for a 'home').


  1. Okay...Guess I needed to cry today with so much going on in the world. What a beautiful saying...I want to have one done just like it. Would you mind?

    And John Denver singing "Rocky Mountain High" as I'm reading? Well, my friend, you reached out and touched my heart this morning as if I were sitting next to you. Wish we could just hang out in front of that fire, smile at our children, and I'll bring the guitar and we'll sing lots of John Denver. Gotta go get some tissue but the tears feel good. ((hugs to you))

  2. Oh for Pete's sake...and now Mama Cass sings "Dream a Little Dream?" We have very similar music taste. One of my favorites...I'm singing along now....."But in your dreams whatever they be, dream a little dream of me...." May have to stay here and listen to your version of Sirius!

  3. What a very insightful daddy :) That's wonderful! I love it! If you can't find a place for it in your home... I'm sure there's a place in a Tennessee home for it! :)

  4. Cool! And I'm definitely not hearing John Denver. LOL

  5. Well BZ, it would appear I'm stalking you with 3 comments on the same post but I couldn't email you or I would have. BTW, mine is robynnsravings@gmail.com if you ever want to get in touch.

    You were definitely BZ at my place tonight! THANK YOU SO MUCH (really, I can't tell you how absolutely touched I am) for all your comments and taking the time to sift through so many posts. You had such kind and lovely things to say. A friend of mine, who WILL be signing up one of these days so she can follow you and me too, said she loves your blog. She commented about how real you are (the words you spoke to me ABOUT me). Must be why we like each other so much. :) ((((big hugs)))) and thanks again. That was a gift.


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