Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So Much for "Free Woman Monday"

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... because I got a blasted ticket(!) Gees, I was not even speeding much. You may say 'much?', but Texas has many an open road where it's just ??? (sorry for the poor word choice) ...dumb to go any slower. I was on a 3-lane feeder road that was empty with no side roads entering for a long ways. 60 in a 50. **sighhh** AND, my registration was out. For the record, I've never gotten a ticket for overdue registration. Aarrghhh.

Now, the registration part... plain brain lapse on my part. Fine. Yes. Totally slipped past me. I swear, you'd think I was pregnant and donating brain cells. Wait, I was. When the registration came due was when I was pregnant-close to 2 months at the time and I was one tired pup. Yeah, yeah, I know-excuses, excuses... but I honestly was so dog tired during that time. Still no excuse.

The pain in the backside of it is WHERE I have to go to remedy all. We live 'out in the country' so to speak. Our little one light town is 5 minutes from us... but it's a one-light-town... so when we say, "Going to town", we mean further away. Then there's REALLY "going to town"... that's even farther and it is HOUSTON. I had left my doc's office which is on the edge of H-town~ a place that has such a far reaching grasp that even with being 15 minutes away from doc's office, I was still in the "big city"... where I got my ticket. That means DEEP downtown to take care of it at their scheduled date and time of 7 PM- that's in the evening(!) -and it's a place where only one would want to go if they were armed. Now, I have my CHL (concealed handgun license), but that doesn't mean I want to arm myself.

Hence, the "Arrgghhh" of it all. Hmmm, maybe I can get something done by mail... will have to make some calls and see. I sure hope so.



Mountain Woman said...

I dropped by to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I absolutely love to find blogs written by other country dwellers. I sure know what you mean about having to travel to get to town. Some places let you pay tickets online now so maybe that's an idea.
Glad I found you.

Robynn's Ravings said...

You have a concealed handgun permit? I'm not mentioning this to Grizzly. He might try and run off with you. It even made me swoon a little....

So sorry about the ticket! Dangit! I've had two in the last year after not having any for 20 years. Everyone's getting them. I think times are tight and they've all been told that money is driving down the road. Go get it.

I was able to do traffic school for one. And here, you do not have to appear if you go in early to pay and take traffic school. Appearing is only to appeal. Hope that's true there. Might be worth a try.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm sure that you can pay online!

What a bummer...and at the beginning of the week:(

Hope the rest of your week is a lot better and more fun!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your ticket. I hope you can finagle a more suitable solution to this 'pain in the hindquarters'!

Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

grrr! I feel your pain! And I am impressed that you have a CHL... way to go BZ! : )