Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's To Do List:

  • Change a diaper
  • Fix breakfast
  • Start some laundry
  • Ready ourselves
  • Encourage potty use/Change a diaper
  • Grocery shopping
  • Unload groceries
  • Encourage potty use/Change a diaper
  • Fix lunch
  • Dishes
  • Clean kitchen
  • More LAUNDRY
  • Encourage potty use/Change a diaper
  • Read to daughter before nap
  • Nap time
  • A bunch of other stuff
The productive part of my day is in the AM... once nap time ends, it's all just tying up loose ends from the first part of the day.

Looking back at this list above... ha! If I tried to write down all the ancillary irons in the fire, I'd be sitting here for awhile and I've GOT to get my priorities straight... namely, SLEEP for me (I type these often the night before). Sooo, a short incomplete list it is.

p.s. Our Little Someone is getting better about telling me when she needs to use the potty and holding it when we're not around one. I haven't been one to push the issue. I hear when they're ready, they're ready.


Anonymous said...

Only another mother (with a Little Someone) can appreciate your 'list' ... it doesn't even begin to cover what you actually do! Please take care of yourself FIRST (like sleep!!) everything else can wait ... including the Blog. You cannot take care of others if you don't take care of yourself. Love you, Mom

Neas Nuttiness said...

Hey you forgot some stuff that I know is on your to do list:

Feed the dogs.
Let the dogs out.
Let the dogs in.
Let the dogs out.
Fill the dogs water bowls.
Clean up dog slobber.
Let the dogs in.
Let the dogs out.
Sweep up dog hair.
Let the dogs in.
Let the dogs out.
etc. etc. etc.

Bz said...

NN~ Nooo kidding!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Yes it really happened. One of the grandsons called. I was sooooooo
embarrassed! The sheriff was very nice and explained to ALL the kids, that EVERY 911 call is dealt with, and that they should NEVER call unless it's a real emergency.

Tatersmama said...

What? What? Sheesh, I need to read more!

I was so absolutely knackered this morning,because from 4:30 I had already done half a million things, but I TOTALLY forgot to make my boys lunch or feed him breakfast - and the bus showed up 10 minutes early... at 7:20! I shoved unwrapped food at the bus driver, gave the kid a muesli bar and came in to have a stiff drink.

The day's just gone downhill since then.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Okay. You guys have just been having WWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much fun over here without me!!

Both my kids pottied trained differently and what worked with one did NOT work with the other. If you want to know what I tried, I better email it! lol And YOU better sleep!! We bloggers give up too much sleep and pay for it in a variety of ways.

Sandy - make sure she listens to you!

What the heck with the 911, Lib, and I'm ROFL about the dogs.

And Katie? I just busted up reading what you wrote!

Next time there's a party - somebody tell me! :)

Bz said...

TM - I love the words I get from you ...I THOUGHT I had a decent vocabulary until you and RR... Knackered- ha. This Aussie nomenclature just cracks me up. And RR, you're a hoot. YES, would love to hear what others did for potty training... LIBBY too?