Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Letter of the Day While Taking "Tour" Pics

It was suggested by a reader to take some pics and give a"tour" of our place. I am *slowly, but surely* working on it. In doing so, our Little Someone and I took a walk to three of the four corners of our property and I snapped up pics with our new camera.

We walked back down our (and a few neighbor's) private gravel road. As we neared the front corner, I walked rather quickly to get to it and snap the pic, then head back to the gate before our daughter had to backtrack too. You can see her here better if you click on the pic.

Before I started walking faster, we were perusing along the grass and gravel road with me just, maybe, 20 steps ahead of her. I was snapping some flower pics in the grass and she started carrying on about something in the road... while I was trying to figure out just how close I could get to a particular flower. I could tell it wasn't something dire and could wait a few (literal) seconds... or so I thought.

Her beckoning became louder, so I asked what was the matter. It was at that point she upped the ante, Come see! Come see! LOOK! Well, she had my attention... now, I'm wondering if it's some strange bug I've got to worry about her touching or it biting. So I quickly head over and she drops her flowers that she had picked and pointed to this...

...and said, Look! It's the letter "I".

I was so proud of her.


Dr.John said...

THat is an I alright. The picture of the fence and gate was beautiful.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Grandma needs her eye glasses checked out !! I looked at the 'letter' and the dropped flowers ... but ... uh ... it looked like the letter "l" to me. What am I missing???

I decided to look one more time before I sent the above comment ... duh, it DOES look like the letter "I" lower case or lower case "L" ... and your comment below the photo saw "I" not "T"?!?!?

I'm proud of her, too!!

Tatersmama said...

Awww... How clever is that?
Isn't it amazing what a child can see, that we totally overlook?
Now, you need to keep her looking for other letters!

My kids started a collection of letters and numbers found in old bits of wood or twigs - and they eventually found all of them!

I loved the photo of her off in the distance... looking so happy and purposeful!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Yay!! The TOUR!!! Can't wait for the whole thing. What a beautiful lane to walk down and who knew it contained escapees from the alphabet?!

I wanna grab our coffee cups and just wander down that road with you. :)