Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Annual Protest

I'm whooped. And having to protest one's property taxes... stinks. I do it every year and that's what I did yesterday (Monday). My husband and I have gone together a few times. But, it seems I have better luck going by myself. So, at it alone, I go.

I WON'T GET ON MY BANDWAGON... because I may not get off of it before I need to go to bed... suffice to say that we CATEGORICALLY believe property taxes are extortion - one can never OWN their home/property. They have to 'lease' it from the government -a gov't that, incidentally, constantly increases your lease amount without your consent.

Sales tax... ALL for it. A person has a choice with a Sales Tax and the state still gets change in their pocket (plus, research shows that states get more from a Sales Tax).

ANYway, went to protest after doing my research up until 2AM the night before. Did get some 'relief' on our 'improvements' (ha... what a joke). But, my husband and I will both go before the Appraisal Board to contest our land value (we have 8 acres). Since we bought our property 11 1/2 years ago, the county has gone up in our "appraised value" a WHOPPING 449% ...how's that for 'legal' thievery!?!

OMGracious ...I cannot get started, it's too late and I need sleep too much to go and get my heart rate up.

**deeeep breathhh**


Neas Nuttiness said...

I agree with you 100%, and I truly believe that this will get worse. Since we now have a president (and conress) who:

1. Will classify just about any family - who owns anything and who work for a living - as rich.

2. That is spending trillions of dollars (that will put all of us in debt for the rest of our lives)at an incredible rate.

We can probably plan on steady increases on EVERYTHING!

Okay - I just fell off my soapbox. I'll go away now.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

I could not agree with Libby or you more ... if you took the newspaper with "Hagar the Horrible" or "B.C." comic strips you would realize that THIS (taxation without representation) has been going on since .... forever!!!! And I fear it will only get worse ...The Duck and I are both on Social Security (Ha!) now ... and the poor Duck is ready for Medicare ... you 'youngsters' will probably never see SS ... now SOCIALIST Security perhaps ... oops, slinking off my soapbox now ... gotta go take my blood pressure medicine!

Bz said...

Ohhh I don't need Hagar or B.C. to know what's happenings... paying income taxes, property taxes, vehicle registration taxes (with the added take out for those that need "help"), the auto Social Medical withdrawal, the auto Social retirement withdrawal, gas tax... ohh and I know there's more... anyway, paying ALL that tells me enough already.

Robynn's Ravings said...

449%????!!!! I wouldn't be on a soapbox. I be buying a soapbox factory!! That is unbelievable. You've probably done this but I'd be contacting the media for a story and I'd be sitting in my congressman's/assemblyman's office right after I wrote to John Stossel and 20/20. It might not make any difference but more than just those of us out here need to know about this level of extortion.

In California, we are currently protected by Proposition 13, passed YEARS ago - when I was in my 20's. It freezes your property tax at the level it was when you bought your home. You can be reassessed if you make MAJOR improvements but not the house itself. It's one reason we've been here 20 years. Our same house across town bought NOW would raise our taxes exhorbitantly. Most politicians HATE this law and would LOVE to get rid of it, except our state Assemblyman, Mike Villines, who fights to keep it. I have the privilege of knowing him and he is a Christian and the REAL DEAL.

Anonymous said...

Been there, Done that, many times before the Appraisal Board. Suppose to be a board of your Peers!!! When I would poll the BOARD to what their job were on the outside...guess what? Every time they were Real Estate Brokers,Agents, Good luck as it is a catch 22....Mr.D

Dr.John said...

The State gets both sales and property tax. They are still under budget.

Bz said...

Dr. J., yes... I know there's a sales tax, I should have been more specific... I mean I would rather a VAT (value added tax) a.k.a as 'consumption' tax verses a property tax. Again, with that, there is a choice unlike property taxes. Plus it would yield a larger revenue base.
Frankly.... what I would REALLY like is for gov't to quite SPENDING OUR money on so much waste.

Tatersmama said...

Oh honey, I hear ya! It's legalized extortion - that's what it is!!

It's heartbreaking and it's so WRONG, but spare a thought for us here in Oz.
My income is taxed at 48% - yes, you read that right... FORTY EIGHT PERCENT, and I'm just an average income earner.
We pay 48% so young folks who have no interest in ever, ever working, can have $315 a week handed to them on a platter - and on top of that, they get concessions on utilities, rent, car registration and everything else under the sun.
I'm workingmy patootie off, to support someone I don't even know!!!

Keep taking those deep breaths hun - and keep fighting the good fight!