Monday, May 18, 2009

Baring My Laundry (along with a real cute LS)

Okay, I've decided to post a video taken back in January. Our Little Someone has not repeated this incident, but it lives on in video.

But first, some very important disclaimers [acckk, I'm actually posting this video?!? (saying to self)]:

*This was a heavy laundry day... there were LOTS of clothes to be done.

*When I do laundry, I separate it into piles.

*The piles are many. I am obsessive, thus I have ...ooohhh, say six different piles at a time (hey, at least we have clean uncontaminated clothes. You got to know, we get grimy and when we get grimy and I don't want grimy socks washed with my bath towels):
  • dirty whites
  • clean whites
  • light colored, 'middle of the roaders'
  • dirty darks
  • clean darks
  • darker colored 'middle of the roaders'
POINT BEING, OMGracious, the clothes on the floor **sighhh** (gees, I feel like I'm exposing myself here).

Okay, so here we go... Oh, and don't forget to turn your speakers on.

For book purposes, the below picture was put in place of the video.
It was taken from same time period.


Fruitcake Sandy said...

Oh My Goodness ... that is priceless!!! I had to go to the bathroom before I could write any comments ... laughing so hard, afraid I would have an accident!!!

As someone who has helped with the laundry ... YES you do have lots!!! Tillie used to say "We're either verrry clean or verrry dirty!!"

Thanks for the well needed belly laugh this morning ... oh, Momma, she will just 'helping' you!!!

Tatersmama said...

LOL... Little someone just looks so sweet - and if you really need toilet paper, I guess you *need* it. ;-)

But your laundry? My mama used to say, if you're comin' to see me - you're always welcome. But if you're comin' to look at my house, make an appointment.

When we come to visit YOU we're there to see you - so who cares about the laundry? :-)

Bz said...

Ohh, I will HAVE to remember what your mama used to say -that is great. Funny, I don't care about others houses... but.. well, I'm getting better about remembering my priorities with mine.

Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

What a doll! I LOVE how she started pulling faster on the toilet paper once she knew she was busted! hahahaha! I have a toilet-paper-lover in my abode as well!

Well, it sounds like we "suffer" from the same issues! :) lol, glad to know someone else out there is quirky about cleanliness!! At least YOUR bed is made! :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

Be comforted - your house on the "messy" day is my house on my "clean" day. You're WAAAYY ahead.

And if you don't have these great toilet paper moments (and the like) you don't have stories!! These are the best!