Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From the Land Down Under... I Hit the Jackpot

Less than two weeks ago, I clicked over to the right place ...and won! Tatersmama was having a giveaway for her 10, 010 click. Let me tell you... this was not even the first time I have visited her place. I'm a regular, as she is SOO real, down to earth, funny, caring, what-you-see (read)-is-what-you-get... just LOVE reading her. So, I headed on over to see what the latest on-goings were and... I won... and I just do not usually win things.
I could not believe what this generous woman sent me and my family. I had to take pics to show you... wowey, wow-wow.

So, the package arrived at 6:30 PM... I'm sitting out on the east side of our house by our daughter's sand box and I hear the dogs erupt in a barking frenzy... well, the UPS man was here! After a brisk walk down to the gate, the UPS man handed me the package over the fence. Since it was not 7 PM yet (the time we go in for dinner), I HAD to open it. Brought it back over to a shady spot in the yard and opened her up.

A surPRIZE from 'Aussieland'!

Look how nicely wrapped this is! Okay dumb question... that I''ll HAVE to look up... are green, yellow & white Aussie colors?

Whoo-Hoo! ...look at ALL the goodies!

Oooooh... soaps. One for skin softening and another for a healing refreshing feeling!
Don't ya just love the packaging!?! Almost makes me not want to open them!
[oh, but I will(!) as I am not one to let something good go to waste].

Vegemite... last time I had this stuff was 25 years ago ...yes, I know, some of you are saying, "Blaah!"... but I am going to be looking up some recipes that use bouillon... it is very similar in taste strength and should season wonderfully!

Ommyyyy... hubby clamored for these and enjoyed. They have a twist to their flavor... kind of a salty cracker with a lemon filling layer... kind of says "Bam!"

Yes, there's MORE!!! ....

Aren't these the cutest!?! Our Little Someone just made these hers for awhile AND picked up some new vocabulary.... "Platypus" and "Emu" -and said, "It (the Emu) looks like an Ostrich". Yup, kind of does, we said.

There's more... it's a set of six!

Talk about COLORFUL! Just look at this shirt! Click on the pic and you can see it BIG with all of the fabulous, colorful Geckos on it. And let me tell you... this isn't any ordinary tee-shirt. This puppy is high-quality ...thick, soft, flexible cotton. Just spectacular! Got to get it washed and will get a shot of Little Someone in it!
And... last, but certainly NOT least... OhMyGracious.. these were SOOOO good. They were gone in less than 16 hours and... umm... err... and say 7 of those hours were spent sleeping overnight. The thing is, I will do many things for chocolate ...ohh, get your mind out of the gutter... but ...seriously... these were scrumptious!

Now, how's that for clicking my mouse and going where I go anyway.... ain't Life grand!?!

I tell you, that Tatersmama knows how to spoil a reader ...and the thing is, and this is just icing on a cake ...like chocolate icing ... between layers of chocolate biscuit... *drooling*.... boy, those chocolate biscuit cookies were good... err... I digress...

My point IS... she knows how to spoil a reader because she is a great read without doing a giveaway (and she's got another coming up soon for her 200 posts)... ANYway, she is a FUN read. If you haven't been to her place (and you're here at this wee little blog?), hop on over. You won't be disappointed ~ you'll come away with a smile, a chuckle, a pensive thought, sometimes feeling better about your own lot (especially if you have kids), or SOME feeling that will make you want to go back to learn more about her. Her blog is called Tatersmama's Take on Things.

From Texas, I'll just end by saying... She's a neat gal!
Thank you KatieTatie for being so generous and thoughtful!


Neas Nuttiness said...

I just love my Katie Tatie! Glad that you won!!!

Robynn's Ravings said...

OH HOW FUN!!! I'm so EXCITED FOR you!! That is a fabulous box. Yep, looks just like something she'd do and those coasters are a HOOT! WILD over the t-shirt, too.

Couldn't stay away for long from my favorite friends. Can't post but can't just fall of the earth. I miss and love you too much!

Dr.John said...

Wow! I never win. Never.
You are so lucky.
Such wonderful stuff.

Tatersmama said...

Oh Honey, I'm so glad that you liked everything!
Aren't those Tim Tams delish??? I never buy them, for obvious reasons,(they seem to disappear in one go around here *blushing*)
but I LOVE them! Alas...so do my hips. Does the weight ever go to my boobs? Nooooooo...

I should have told you how to do a Tim Tam Slam with a cup of tea or coffee, before you ate them all...LOL! Fun, but messy!

I just can't wait to see Little Someone in that shirt! I think the color will be perfect on her!