Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday's Quiz Answer: A Bottlebrush Tree!

{My goodness, that Robynn @'Robynn's Ravings'... she's goooood! She guessed it!}

Here's the pic you were given...

It was taken from the right top quadrant of this pic...
Here's what the tree looks like...
They're a beautiful tree that the Hummers love. We have three of them, all young like this one. Got them from a nursery that had two planted on site and were good size, maybe 20 feet tall. They stay spectacular like this 3 seasons out of the year since we are in a warmer climate. Also, are non-deciduous, which is nice since we get some green color during the wintertime.

Hope you had fun with this type of "quiz". Got a real doozy lined up for next week!


  1. For ONCE my brain worked. So glad to have it in writing.

  2. Okay - next week I'm gonna try harder! Can't let the Raving woman win again;-)

  3. Duh Doodley. You would have thought that I would have KNOWN this, since I have half a dozen of them in the backyard!!!
    The parrots love them!


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