Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Latest REPEATED Question

Whether it's the library or the grocery store or (hmmm, where else do I go?) ...or ...ummm... or the... uhh.. or any other store that is not for groceries, our two and three-quarter year old has been asking, "Is she/he a stranger?" ...which is often followed up by, "Do you talk to them?".

All very good questions since we have been discussing that whole "we don't talk to strangers" thing.

I will say... I much prefer our daughter to blurt this outloud, at the library, all the while pointing, with children and parents sitting all around during story-time verses what she blurted out a couple of times a few weeks ago: "Is that boy black?"


  1. I think you handled the 'black' situation admirably ... very matter of fact and truthful. So many honest and innocent questions ... you are doing a wonderful job ... L, M/Gma

  2. Such a fun age to enlighten AND embarrass us! But, sheesh, the questions are so logical!

    Being as how I never meet a stranger, can you imagine how hard it was to teach my two why it was okay for me to chat up people we had never seen before? They seem to have figured it (or me) out now and THAT's saying something!

    I just LOVE your little someone!!! And YOU!!!

  3. Safety and the danger of strangers sometimes prevents us from being as wel;coming as we should be.

  4. Out of the mouthes of babes...

    Will you come by my place today? I need VOTES!

  5. Yes, RR I kind of know what you mean... though I have met a stranger, I'm also not at the polar opposite... I consider myself moderately friendly. Tis a difficult concept. Yup, Dr. J., at times that is true. I guess I would prefer to err on the side of caution.

  6. Out of the mouths of babes...LOL!
    I get the odd questions all the time, and it can be sooo emabarrasing!

    (ps... your surprise package is in the mail!)


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