Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Re-Post... because I'm 'not allowed' to post anything new until TAXES are done.

{posted on 9-20-08 and called a "Step Back in Time"}

Time flies.
Just a few pics following to illustrate that point.

Still loves baths.
Still has beautiful eyes.
Still loves her pups.
Time flies, but it's nice that some things don't change with time.


  1. Time DOES fly ... gone before you ever realize it ... and the only constant is change. But she is still a beautiful, smart,sweet little girl ... just like her momma!!

  2. Oh Anon, you are too kind... not about Little Someone, but about her momma.

  3. Oh I LOVE that close up of her eyes and the angle. Wish I had thought of a shot like that for mine when they were babies. You have a way of capturing such feeling. What a dollie baby. :)

  4. YEAH - ours are done.
    Sorry that you're still working on yours. Hope you finish soon, and that you get a bazillion gazillion back;-)

  5. Taxes finished? Time for more from 'Bz' and pictures.


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