Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Growing Up with Dogs

This pic must of been taken about 37 or so years ago. It is my mom in the pic. I like it of her, as she is so vibrant and young looking (I'm not saying that she isn't now). I vaguely remember the dogs pictured here. We had Beagles growing up and one Cockapoo.

I liked to sit in and share their dog house (I don't know if they liked it) or lay in the grass with them. I just know that I never knew not liking dogs.

"Daisy" was the Cockapoo's name (pictured below with me @ about 8 yrs old). She was a kookie dog- she may not have been firing on all cylinders. She was a hoot though.

I'll never forget one evening... Daisy was old, but still around when my husband and I started dating for the second time (I was 18 yrs old). Anyway, my husband, then boyfriend, and I were in the living room one evening... our house was such that the living room was centered and surrounded by an entrance hall going into a den area that went into a dining area to the kitchen and back to the living room... well, Daisy just lit a spark and started running the circle that went around the living room. That old girl was hauling and made two or three maniacal laps and came straight back out of the kitchen and ran right for and leaped into my husband's lap. Probably is one of those things you had to be there for, but it was funny.

One of the ?? "odder"... "kookier".. yuckier things that Daisy did dealt with the L-A-R-G-E roaches that often frequented the back porch where the dogs ate (growing up in the coastal region of SE TX, it's considered the sub-tropics. If you had lots of trees and shrubs, you had roaches). At one point in time, I was the one responsible for changing the dog's water bowl every night. That d*#! water bowl had openings on the side bottom, thus making the bowl hollow underneath. Those dad-gum L-A-R-G-E roaches would like to hide under there. So, I got accustomed to kicking the bowl so they could scatter before I picked it up ...because we're talking MAJOR Heebie-Jeebies if one of those L-A-R-G-E roaches ever crawled on you. So, I'd kick the bowl and that crazy dog would frantically chase the roaches and crunch up as many as she could when they scattered.... uhhh!

Nevertheless, I digress. It's Thankful Thursday and I am truly thankful that I was blessed to have grown up with dogs... even roach-crunching mentally-challenged ones.

[We adopted Daisy from the SPCA. She may have been mentally-challenged, but she was one of the sweetest, most loving pups there ever was].


Fruitcake Sandy said...

I AM still vibrate ... it's just shifted places we don't need to talk about ... and inside I'm still 25 most days :>)

I held that silly ole dog in my arms while the vet 'put her down' due to all sorts of medical problems. She actually licked my face when I leaned over to snuggle with her one more time. Ironically, I was 'on-call' for my hospice nursing and had to go to a home where the 'grandpa' was dying. The family was touched by my genuine tears/grieving ... but please don't misunderstand .. I'm not equating a dog's death to a human's death ... I was only remembering that precious, ditzy 'pound puppy'. L, M/Gma

Fruitcake Sandy said...

OOPS ... vibrate???? <--- that's NOT why I'm called 'Fruitcake Sandy' !!! Of course, I meant to say that I'm still VIBRANT ... and like little Daisy, maybe not 'firing on all cylinders.' :>)

Neas Nuttiness said...

You mean the BIG ROACHES that will fly at you? Those things are disgusting.
I'm with you...I couldn't possibly imagine my life, without a dog in it!!! My two are getting old, and I dread the "TIME" that will creep in soon. I just pray that they go in their sleep. That's a decision, that will kill me if the time comes.
I've been hinting that we need to get a couple of little pug puppies, so that I wont' be left "alone", but I don't think that the hubby is buy'n it:(

Robynn's Ravings said...

I hope you don't have those types of roaches where you live now and then you can be thankful for that, too! Oh, I HATE roaches!! My kids don't get it. They don't think they're all the disgusting. I tell them that's because they've never lived around them and don't know.

Grizzly's parents house is laid out like the house you described and babies and animals make the circle. I could just see Daisy making the leap into your husband's lap! Maybe she helped you pick him out. And 18? You know I'm doing the math and thinking of Hannah-Bo who will be 18 in another week or so. NO HUSBANDS TO BE NEED APPLY. lol (Course, if she could do as well as YOU'VE done in that dept. I might rethink my position.)