Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Unbelievable... on so many accounts.

Yeah, they say when a country learns that it can vote themselves a handout, they will. That's the start of the decline... although, slowly, but surely, redistribution of wealth has been going on for a while. I can only wonder if it will now occur at supersonic speed.
So, for that and many other reasons, I will be adding to my wardrobe. I like the three shirts here and really feel the sentiments of this first one (O shit!). But, will pass on it as I'm not a cursing person- especially around 2 y/o and I can't see explaining it very well.

Sooo, that leaves these two below... I like both for different reasons and will be ordering one of them. If you get a chance, tell me which you prefer... or, if you happen to be one that doesn't find either humorous, then save your time.


Anonymous said...

I like the sheep. It's cute, but gets the point across.

Anonymous said...

The lamb says it all.

Anonymous said...

Don't care for the first one for the same reason you stated.
Last one is least offensive.