Friday, November 14, 2008

It's the Little Things in Life

For some time now, I have realized that it is the Little Things in Life that make it what it is. I, absolutely, maintain that assertion. And here is a prime example...

We lived in our house for almost seven years before the below 'Little Thing' made it's way into making my/our lives better. Though our home was custom designed & built, there are a few things -had we known- we would have done differently. I'm sure that is the case with most people that have had a home built. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Anyhow, our 'toilet room' is a room unto itself, as our bathroom is a larger open room with the bath, shower, & his/her sinks. Our toilet closet... it's like little closet, it has a shelf for books & bathroom whatnot, it has room for a little trash-can and a basket of toilet paper. We put a specialty picked timer for the vent fan- so we can turn it on and leave, allowing us to think of the next occupant, yet we don't have to remember to come back and turn it off... okay, that's a 'little thing' too.

Anyway, we thought that we had thought of everything with this little toilet room. Alas, we had not! For it was dark upon entering at night. A nightlight you say! can do, there was no outlet. We have a mild nightlight in the larger bathroom area, but did not have one in this little offshoot of a room.

Sooo, I bought a clock with a 'luminescent' dial ...haa! That was a joke (and let me tell you, I searched the Internet over). Okay, so after sending this clock back, my handy other half says, "I can wire a different cover-plate with a plug". You can WHAT?!? ...well, why didn't you say so!?!

So, this is a "Little Thing" that has made all the middle-of-the-night trips to that little room so worthwhile. See the itty-bitty nightlight under the switch and next to the timer dial...
(sorry for the blurry resolution, wanted to show light while illuminating,thus couldn't use flash)
And let me tell you... this soft little green glow lights up the joint! We leave the bathroom door cracked and, in the middle of the night, one can be drawn like a moth ...without being blinded.

It's a great Little Thing.

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