Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dandy was a Dandy

I was given an unregistered German Shepherd puppy when I was just 16 yrs old. I vaguely recall that my mom was out of state (had gone to visit family in Oregon) when the pup came home. Funny, as my dad was home, but somehow the pup made it into my/our lives.
She, Dandy... her full name was "Just Dandy" was just that, 'Dandy'. Got her name while perusing the school dictionary that could be found in the wire baskets under every desk in high school. It was a history class with coach Williams- big burly, sweet man who was a Jeopardy show fanatic and would often gets spit collected in the corners of his mouth because he could talk a blue streak on one breath alone.
Anyway, I was bored as usual with class and had this pup at home that was on my mind... and she needed a name. So, I got the dictionary out from the wire basket and started flipping pages. Can't begin to remember the words/names I passed or considered because, obviously, the one that stuck was when I got to the word 'dandy'. I read the definition. Went something to the effect of: something or someone of exceptional or first-rate quality.
Well, that was enough for me, I knew the pup well enough to consider her as such and she got her name, however masculine it may have been.
She was a good dog... wanted to please, please, please- like most in the herding group. Trained her to hand signals from as far as she (or I!) could see. The only thing I couldn't train her different about was cats, but that's another story.
I had Dandy until the day she was put down at 13 1/2 years old. She is buried under our big pecan tree. Was not an easy task and one that I had made an appointment for once already and cancelled.... won't go into it. If you're a dog-lover, you know... not an easy thing (sighhh).
Anyway, here are a couple of pics. Had her trained to ride the old mare I got was I was 14 yrs old. Had to put a saddle pad under a blanket on the horse, as even trimmed dog nails can poke.
This second pic is a painting that was done from a picture of Dandy. A friend of my mom's did it for her... for me. It hangs at the end of our long hallway in our home... kind of a relaxed old sentinel keeping watch.

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Anonymous said...

I miss that sweet soul very much. Dandy was so much more than a pet. I'm constantly moved by your 'subjects' for your blog ... especially the manner in which you write. You bring the reader "into" the words ... it's fascinating. Love you so much ... M/Gma