Friday, November 7, 2008

Honey, Call Me Quirky.... or Corney.

I like good Cornbread ...and I like it with honey. So, in effort to get the max ratio of honey to cornbread-without having to refuel (the cornbread with honey), this is what I sometimes do...

When I bake the cornbread, I make mini-muffins. This way, once dressed with honey, they can just be popped in one's mouth. To get the max honey benefit without getting it all over, I goes the quirky... I poke my finger in the middle of the muffin and fill it with honey (gees, I almost feel like I've taken off a piece of clothing after that) ...anyway, it sure makes eating this dynamic-duo easy.

Let me say, for the record, I do eat honey and cornbread in the normal fashion too.

Ohh, and have got to add, this Orange Blossom Honey is/was fabulous- didn't hit too hard, was smooth and sweet, but not 'over-sweet' if you can imagine any honey not being over sweet.

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Texas Travelers said...

As I said, We were raised on the farm and had lots of Beehives and Mother made a lot of cornbread, but this is a first for this combination. I'll try it.

Thanks for sharing. I learned something new. Great!

Liked the looks of the tomatoes also.
Nice photos.