Sunday, November 23, 2008

Remember Walkman Earphones?... how about WalkDog Earphones

So I am in doing laundry and checking on a Little Someone every two minutes. Last I left her, she was in the guest room rummaging through the drawers of the desk in there (not much in the drawers). Knowing I have another (approximately) two minutes, I come back in to put the remaining clothes in the washer... when someone comes running in exclaiming, "Momma, Momma, come look. Smudge has earphones on!"
Well, sure enough the old pair of plug-in walkman earphones, that were in the drawer, were on the dog's head.
...and someone was very proud.
and the four-legged someone was... let's just say, she's such a good and patient dog.
Then our little someone says, "Come on Smudge, let's go walking." though this is a newfangled type of leash.

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Anonymous said...

Now that is adorable ... look how sweet that puppy is being ... and the 'innocent' smile of your 'little someone'