Friday, November 21, 2008

This is Such a "Small" Blog...

...that I will help a commenter out directly (plus, the more relevant things to write about are going to take a bit of energy & time~both of which have not been exceedingly great lately). In the previous post, a commenter asked me to remove the cat & toothbrush pic, as they cannot get it out of their head when they brush their teeth. So, because brushing is so important and in effort to help this individual out, here are some different pics regarding teeth brushing ...and, as the last will show ... why brushing is so important.

This one was a little ... painful to post. For the women around him, I would think this is 'birth control'.

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Anonymous said...

Why am I reminded of the adage "be careful what you ask for"? OMG Please bring back the cat, PLEASE!!!!