Monday, November 10, 2008

The Fall of the Garden

Fall is here. It's not so much cool right now- although we have had a cold snap already come through, but it's the rain. For me, it signals the changing season. Hence, no more garden. Yes, some people have a Fall garden, we don't. Well, we haven't yet... perhaps if congress adds another hour to the day (I won't get started on wanting to be like Arizona or Hawaii and the blasted time change).
ANYway... our garden~ this pic was taken a couple of weeks ago. As it stands now, most of the old plants have been taken out as we pass the garden here and there on our way to the barn. It hasn't had it's Final Clean-out yet though.
We did get some mighty nice foods from it this year. However, with the exception of one, I did not take any pics. This is the one I did take. We LOVE cherry tomatoes and we had a plethora of yummy ones that just kept coming...
This fruit is not from the garden, but from the our Florida Prince Peach tree. It was the tree's first crop since we planted it. The peaches were small, but quality/taste abound. They should be bigger this next time around as the tree has done much growing and settling in...

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Texas Travelers said...

Great looking peaches. Nice photos.

I added you to our "Check it Out - Favorites" blogroll.

Troy and Martha