Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Saggy... Nevermind What I See, What Do You See?

We lost some trees during hurricane Ike (see pics from post 9/16, 'Hurricane Ike... from the hill'). Some of the trees that we lost had goodly size trunks on them, so my creative other half cut a couple of ??I don't know what the term is?? .... flat pieces from the trunk~ we can make a clock if we so choose someday. Anyway, pics of the flat trunk slices are below.

Have a look at them and tell me what you see. Perhaps it's sort of like the Rorschach Inkblot test that is supposed to give insight into a person's thinking (being a licensed psychotherapist~ I think, 'geeees, what does this say about me!?!').

The slices were leaning on the shelf in our shop whereas one could view their shape. I walked in and made mention of what I saw in both trunk pieces to my creative half standing there. Needless to say, he could 'see' more things than me.

Well, before I go on and name what I see, have a look for yourself and leave a 'comment' and let me know what you see (it can be done anonymously). I don't want to 'taint' anyone's perspective, so I'll post what I see in a few days. Remember, pics can be clicked on for a larger, more detailed image.

Here they are:

Let me know what you think (comment button below!).


Anonymous said...

I SEE two different things with the first slice ... the first is a very wide-load woman bending over in the garden. The second ... same woman bending over in front of me ... those thangs are boobs!!!

The second slice is obvious ... a large bulbous snoze ( no doubt from drinking too much!) Oh, he's bald and has a weak chin!

Anonymous said...

I see an old buffalo from behind in picture one.

In the second is a profile of a toothless person with their eyes closed and chewing aka gumming something (and deformed back of the head).

Anonymous said...

Cocker Spaniel
Butt (or would you call it a moon?!)
Jimmy Durante
Elmer Fudd
Flop-Eared Rabbit
Ground Hog sticking its head out from it's den(?)

Anonymous said...

view 1
fat lady bending over picking up bon bons.
a tooth with the top part tilted to the left
a curled up baby bear
two sleeping puppies, one laying over the top of the other

view 2
a pig's head with the shoot to the right
the heart with a vein on the right side
a fist with one finger pointing at something


Anonymous said...

The first one is a view I had of your Dad just before I passed him again in the woods on a tight trail at Caney Creek. The second one is a view of Mickey Mouse looking in the other end of a hollow log(study the wood grains!!) Mr.D

Anonymous said...

a large b_tt
the base view of a male anatomy

Anonymous said...

oh-oh- the person that 'saw' the baby bear curled up asleep in the first view was right on the mark. Sweet little grizzly bear all curled up in the fetal position!

'Bare' Momma

Anonymous said...

"passed him again" comment reminds me of the story of the tortoise and the hare.....