Monday, September 8, 2008

She turned TWO! (1 1/2 months ago in July)

AND she can blow candles out too! Note that our pups heard the singing (they were outside), but they still had to chime in (thanks for video Paula). This was one of her 'cakes'... her other cake came a few days later in the shape of "Poohy".

Poohy cake compliments of Gam-ma.

So focused on "poohy", blowing out candles was tough on this one...

A big girl @ two (Daddy is 6'4").

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Emma is 2 years old (time truly has flown by) I worry that she won't remember me, if something were to happen to me before she's older. And then I realize that memories are made in the simple things... photos, videos and stories will let her 'remember' me. She looks older both in person and in photos, perhaps because of her height ... and that's a disadvantage because some people think she should behave differently. There are too many 'shoulds' and 'oughts' in this world!! I've never been around a more loving child and her antics keep Grandpa and me in stitches! Grandpa hooted when he heard Emma has now mastered the art of opening the refrigerator.