Friday, September 12, 2008

YYY-Ike s!

So here's the pre-Ike post...

"Ike", the hurricane, is coming our way. This pic, below, was taken just before this posting at about 4 PM on Friday. We are already feeling the wind and are to get the Hurricane force winds in another few hours.
If you click on the picture, it will open bigger and if you look closely, you will note our location with the yellow 'star'.
By the way, Ike is moving WNW...hmmm, our direction.

Hence, the posting's title, "YYY-Ikes!"

This puppy is huge.

I have taken some pre-Ike pics of the preparation we have done and will take post-Ike pics to post.

I can only say that I sure hope they are very similar.

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Anonymous said...

YYY-IKES that's clever!!! Got my fingers and toes crossed that IKE has 'wreak' dil dysfunction. Ya'll are on the 'dirty' side of him, could be a heck of storm surge, even as far inland as you are. Glad you've taken precautions, always welcome here! Thank you know who, that Paul isn't in Clear Lake City!