Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Creede, CO in September

Recently, my witty other half went to Colorado with my dad. They went to construct an overhang on the back porch of the cabin... and enjoy a bit of the surroundings. All went as planned.
The drive is a l-o-n-g one and I am not tough enough to spend it with a 2 y/o- so it was not even a question if I was going to go this time. So, I asked my husband to take lots of pics.
This is only a smattering... all with camera phone too. Quality is quite good considering.

Back Porch ~ BEFORE

My husband sent this and titled it:

During construction...

During construction...

Back Porch ~ AFTER

View from truck, driving into the little town of Creede, Colorado.

A familiar landmark...

This pic was taken while eating pizza on the balcony at M.O.M.s (Mack's Old Mine). I received it, via email, as they were being served. I immediately called and sounded a 'raspberry' in husband's ear.

Colorado is great for motorcycle riding. There are so many little roads, here and there, tucked away. Great for exploring.

Overlooking the town of Creede...

Sign on Bachelor Mountain~ up from the town of Creede...
(click on pic & you can read the history)

Dear Ole Dad...

One of those roads that if you had a backpack with food/water in it and gas in your tank, you could just keep going...

My dear other half and his funny sense of humor...
But really, who'd want to
go in THAT outhouse?!?

Here, my dad almost looks like one of those scary biker dudes...trust me, he's not.
He's too nerdy for that.
I can say this as I've been told that I have a bit of a nerdy-gene.

I could stop and have lunch here ~ on a nice blanket, followed by chocolate and milk, then a nap...
yup, I might think I've died and gone to Heaven... until a chipmunk crawls across me.
It happened before~was giving my rear a break from the motorcycle and dozed off... little critter 'bout made me wet my pants.

My other half...

It's beautiful country!


  1. Like your Mom said,makes you want to pack up and go.

    Bill Jennings

  2. Your dad is NOT a nerd.....

  3. Ha! ..wonder what you're expertise on 'nerdy' is then. I would venture to say I have more ...hmmm, perhaps this is not a bragging point though.


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