Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Creativity in my Little Toe

...that's about as much creativity as I've always said that I have~ enough to fit into my little toe. Well, the other night, I was on the computer, combing through pictures and I came across some of a little john boat I bought as a surprise for my long-legged half. As I looked at the pictures of that boat... I thought, "Heeeeyy, maybe I've been too hard on myself. Maybe I have more creativity than I've previously thought ...I surely have enough to fill my big toe."

Let me back up a bit... a few years back, we were selling an old washer and dryer that we had in the barn. They just weren't being used. I put up a flyer in town and got a call from a lovely older couple that came out and bought them. We all visited on the barn porch for some time and, during the conversation, the gentleman made mention of an old john boat he had. I called him later and asked him if he wanted to sell it. I thought that some day we could use it for whenever we went camping~ we wouldn't have to fish from the shore, but could go out from the bank. Hey, it may be small, but it's better than the bank for fishing.

The man wanted $50 for it, so after calling/researching other similar size john boats, it was a deal~ so I bought it. It was a bit beat up and needed some paint, but I had a friend of a friend that did paint stuff, so for 75 bucks, he fixed one of seats like new, some dents and painted the inside and out. With $125 in it now, the boat was still a good deal.

Okay, what's this got to do with my big toe and how it could be filled with all my wondrous creativity (ha!)... well, I HAD to name the boat. And since I had a feeling that my other half just might see this as the 'dinky little boat' that it is (and not a top-of-the-line fishing cruiser), I thought I would name it for what she was. Hence, my wee bit of creativity.

Here's the boat and she is...

A little bit after I got the boat, we went camping at Inks Lake and took it. Got a little battery trolling motor and we went all over that lake. As you can see, the lake was no small pond either... and my other half had to admit that the little boat was "Bette R. Thann'Duhbanc".

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