Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Time Please

Sighhhhh... oh, how I wish there were more hours in the day or we humans didn't require about a third of the day in sleep.... well, at least I think I wish this. The fact of the matter is, if any of the above were true, our world would definitely be different. If we didn't need but a couple of hours sleep a day, everything would be open 24/7. Beds wouldn't be so expensive... and I doubt there would be a 'just jammies' section in department stores. Shoot, I wonder if the average house would have individual bedrooms...

Okay, I waxed enough on this thought.. the thing is, I have things to do and not enough time to do them. Does one ever feel 'caught up'? ...cause, I can't remember the last time I just lazed back in a chair and thought, "Gees, I'm bored, there's nothing to do." Maybe I was 7 when that thought occurred.

Anyway, in my limited free time, when I am not on this blog thing, I am currently working on making a book for our daughter. I am making it via a wonderful site: . I have made a book on their site before. It is so cool. If you can upload pics and work a computer at all, you can make fabulous things there (cards too).

The book I'm doing is a compilation of songs that I sing to our daughter. I am including pictures to to go with each song. The songs range from Winnie the Pooh movie songs to Willie Nelson to The Mamas & the Papas. I sing to her when she takes her bath, or in the car, or changing her diaper, & lots of other times.

I have always sung to her ... probably because I have this ability to remember words to songs (yeah, but I can't remember to take my vitamins). One of her current favorite bath songs is "The Cowboy Song"~ that's what she calls it when she ask me to sing it. The song is really called "My Heroes have Always been Cowboys- Willie Nelson... I think she likes it because it takes so long to finish, thus giving her more play time in the tub. I have changed up a couple of the words to make it more appropriate. After all, she is starting to sing parts of many of the songs I sing.

Neil Diamond's silly song... I think called, "You're so Sweet" is another that she likes, probably because I flock my arms like a chicken when I sing the part about being "the only rooster in the hen-house, I guess it shows". Amongst others, I'll have to download some rooster pictures to put in her book for that song. Below, are but a few of the pics that will go in her book for other songs. Have got some Photshopping to do yet- like taking the words off the Polar Express pic. Still have many pics to gather. I think I'll go start that now... with the little bit of time I have before it's my bedtime (which I haven't been minding lately).

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Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your comments, especially the way in which you write, it's very descriptive. You are very talented and clever with the book of songs and stories for your child. Thank you for your gift to others as well.

A secret admirer