Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Fabulous Windmill

Our old windmill broke. It was old and tired and needed to be replaced ...and it also got hit with the sprayer boom attached to the tractor I was driving.
This is an event quite unlike those usually precipitated by me... I am typically very cautious and exacting (sometimes to a fault). My excuse... it was late, the sun was setting, the pasture was past due for spaying, our daughter needed to be fed, I was in a hurry ~ and the small windmill standing before me (well, to the side) was old and tired and needed to be replaced.
This is not to say that I clipped it on purpose, I guess my care/caution meter was running low.

So, we have a new windmill. While our old windmill's tower was made of narrow metal flat-bar, it had a small head, and was considerably shorter. Our new windmill is much taller, it has a larger head, and it's tower is constructed out of lumber.

Thank you to my vastly talented husband as the possessor of such fine skills for craftsmanship.

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