Thursday, December 17, 2009

Compare & Contrast II

So, here we have another Compare and Contrast (you can see the 1st Compare & Contrast here). So, with the two pics below... notice any differences?
Yes, I know in the first one on the left, there is a towel on the mantle because we had a (arrghh) leak and in the second pic (on the right), stockings are hung and Christmas decorations are abound.

Any other differences?
Well, I'll tell you the difference. The pic on the left was taken in the summer, in the early morning hours before we left so our daughter could be delivered (via cesarean).
The second pic was taken A MONTH BEFORE I am scheduled for a cesarean (sched. for the 12th of Jan.) -Ha! ...wonder if I'll make it... seeing as I am as big as I am.

We think our Little Someone-that was there in the first pic, hidden, will be a great big sister!


Tatersmama said...

WOW! And you still have weeks to go??? From the current pic, you seem bigger and 'lower' than the last time around, so do you really think you'll hold out until January 12th? *Eeep!!*
From these photos, it's pretty obvious why so many people say that pregnant woman are beautiful! Because you're just absolutely gorgeous! (but you sure hold on to your clothes, don't you? LOL!)
And Little Someone? *sigh* She's getting so tall... and I'm sure that she'll be a wonderful big sister!

Robynn's Ravings said...

What a DARLING idea to take those pics in the same clothes and in the same place. I never had ANY of those good thoughts! I did manage to snap a couple of each tho toward the end. And no stretch marks? Lucky woman! You look gorgeous. I have a couple little gifts that should have been sent before now but am hoping to get off to you within the next few days. Little Someone looks so precious!!!!