Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looks Like We're Covered...

...err, I mean HE will be covered. Boy, oh boy! (no pun intended). Seeing as we... I am major huge pregnant with a boy and we have a girl, I have few hand-me-downs from her. Welllll, not any more!

Wowey, wow, wow. Indeed. As things currently stand, looks like we're covered for boy clothes until about age two.

You see all these clothes below ... on the table. There's more there than meets the eye. A friend of mine from our local library (and her sister-in-law) gave me TONS of baby (and older) boy clothes. That stack on the left of the table....

...see closer below here. That stack alone has 26 little baby onesies.

And, oh my gosh, the socks. May not look like that many here. But I counted: 56 pair! ...and that isn't all of them. I told my friend, she must be the Emelda Marcos of socks.

And if that wasn't enough, another friend from the library, that has two boys, blessed us even more(!). One of her boys is a month older than our 3+ y/o and she has another that just turned 2 y/o. (I can never complain to her because she is around my age with TWO boys that close in age). ANYway, just LOOK what she gave us (and that's a king-size bed all that stuff is on):

And I'm talking NICE stuff! Just look at this jacket:

And CUUUUTE onesies...

And shoes...
We are truly blessed. Before we got all this, I had only bought FOUR things from a city-wide yard sale from the the itty-bitty town down the way.

There is so much to do with taking care of four horses, 2 huge dogs, a kitty, a HOUSEhold; doing dishes, all meals, washing laundry (that, I swear, breeds in the hamper), cleaning, bills, horse business taxes/paperwork... keeping an active, smart 3+ y/o little girl stimulated... I haven't even gotten to getting baby room ready, stuff stored, etc.... much less getting to the clothes thing... and you know, uhh, that's a necessary thing (I do have some unisex baby clothes from our daughter and had planned on getting those out-so I wasn't completely lagging in that department) ....but heck, now, NO worries!


  1. WOW !!! you were kidding, what a wonderful collection of clothes, etc. for 'Little Someone Else' So happy that you have such generous and kind friends. Now ... where to put all of it ... have fun!

  2. Well I had to pop in and see the wardrobe for your new little guy! Looks like you are in pretty good shape. And ooops! I see I sent one little lamb and the other was in my kitchen, as I thought his mate was under the bed. So don't throw him away -will have to get that to you later. Glad you can use the hand-me downs. Mrs. S.

  3. Holy Guacamole! You ARE set! Just think... you won't have to wash clothes every blessed day, now will you? ;-)
    That's some good looking stuff there, and you must be feeling like you hit the jackpot! Aren't friends grand???

  4. Yes, friends ARE grand. I AM lucky!


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