Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We got SNOW!!!

Now that may not be saying much to some of you folks. But here in SE Texas, it's saying something. Not only did we have SNOW!, but we beat the record for earliest timing of it ever happening. December 10th was the date of the previous record. We got SNOW! on December 4th.

AND, we got more than the little sprinkle that is gone once it hits the ground.
Just look!

{Remember, all pics can be clicked for a spectacular view~ you may even see the Woodpecker on the tree with the swing}

Our little cow dinner bell even caught snow...
A view off the back porch looking towards the barn...

Below is a view looking off the end of the front porch towards the one neighbor we have.
We're holding onto that sad tree as long as it can hold a swing-we had a big 'replacement' tree put in directly behind it just waiting-you can't see the tree in this pic, but those are the leafed branches from it sticking out.

Looking down the front porch (hi pups) towards the pasture...

Our little tree and the SNOW! outside...

We even had enough to make a little snowman -thanks to 'daddy', of course...

Acorns served as eyes, a baby carrot was his nose, and an aloe-vera leaf was the mouth...
The next day, most of the snow had melted away- enough for Smidgen to get a good sunning in dry grass...


  1. I'm so happy that you are keeping a photo diary for the children ... just seeing Little Someone's smiles make my day! Thank you ... L, M/Gma

  2. Wow! Isn't it beautiful! And your Christmas tree and decorations, with the snowy background made me soooo envious!
    (just can't get used to boiling temps here at Christmas time)

    So what did Little Someone think of it all? The look on her face (and daddy's face too) is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. OH HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet she remembers this because it IS so rare. This happened to us when TWM was only 3 and he still remembers because we, like you RARELY get snow.

    Snow! For Christmas! And Little Someone has a wonderful daddy to share the moment and make a snowman with her and mommy to photograph and write about everything. Great pics!!!!


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