Saturday, October 17, 2009

Compare & Contrast

Do you remember those papers in school that you wrote whereas you had to compare and contrast paired items from a list? I didn't mind them because I could always find some offbeat tangent to go on.

Sidebar: Evidently, I am or have been found to be "offbeat". More than one person has said I march to a different drummer (you know, my drummer doesn't sound different to me?!?). With this in mind, my mom even had a Robert Frost poem done in Calligraphy with my name intertwined off to the side... the poem is one of my favorites: The Road Not Taken. She said it reminded her of me.

ANYway, where am I going with this... Oh, compare and contrast... Aside from standing in a bit different position and other small ancillary background things being present/not present in the below pics, what IS the difference between these photos??
Do a little Compare and Contrast, you won't hurt my feelings... I'm a brick hooouuuse.

So have you studied and found anything?? Okay, well, I'll tell ya... the pic on the left was taken during my first pregnancy at 30 weeks ~ the pic on the right was taken during this current pregnancy (3 & 1/2 years later) at 26 weeks... yes, that is ONE month earlier in the pregnancy than the 1st photo.

Oh Lordy, oh Lordy and I'm forty (hey, it rhymes) ....and feeling like a h-o-u-s-e... like an imMobile home.
Okay, well enough for now, it's time to park this motor home and go to bed.


  1. 40!!! NO will always be that sweet little 5 year old that set in my lap around a camp fire on those cold nights at one of our many camp outs..Mr.D

  2. Awww.... and you Mr. D. were/are always that big burley, yet sweet, man that looked so intimidating ...but not to me.
    :-) ...kind of like my own Daddy- felt safe around.

  3. Oh boy ... FORTY??? well, then I guess I was only TEN when I had you, my little 'different' drummer girl!!! Seriously, you do not look forty ... and after much debate (inside my own head) I think that you are a 'tad' larger in the 1st photo ... actually you're more 'out there' instead of larger.

    Mr. D. you touched both us 'girls' ... you will always be my favorite 'teddy bear' :>)

  4. Oh my Lordy... but you look beautiful! The thing I noticed first (most?), was that you don't look ANY different 3 and a half years later!! Both of those pics could have been taken on the same day - which means you haven't 'aged' a bit!

    (and my word veri? It's porcigand!!)

  5. I look just the same...maybe younger!

  6. I'm with Katie. How'd you pull off the no-aging thing?! And you may be a 40-year-old IMmobile home (LOL - LOVED that one) but you got some great stems there!!! You look just GORGEOUS with a baby one board. :)

    Word Veri? "comine" Everything yours is the baby's too. :)

  7. Oh my... y'all are all toooooooooo kind!

  8. Kind? Honey, we're just being honest!
    That said, where are the damn varicose veins and blotchy skin? If I didn't love ya, I would almost be tempted to be jealous, 'cause I didn't look that darn good when I was big as a house with my 3rd, at 28!

  9. HA... they're there... on the top of my left thigh of all places... d*mn spider veins and my 1st 1/4" varicose vein (acckkk). I have a BAD habit of curling my left leg under me when I sit and NOW I'm paying for it. And I DON'T even want to talk about the little skin tags.
    But thanks though ~ you ARE too kind.

  10. Can't wait to see the same pose three years from now...maybe that belly will be sticking out way farther...LOL


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