Friday, September 4, 2009

A Very Content Booger

Booger, our kitty, gets to sleep indoors on cold winter nights. Otherwise, she is strictly an outdoor kitty. We don't do the litter box thing. She's good. If she has to go out, she lets us know by getting in front of us and running to the door and/or meowing loudly at the door.

On those cold nights, we let kitty in when we take the dogs out to potty for the last time of the evening. She knows and will wait by the front door. After she finds any morsels of dog food left on the floor next to our one pup's bowl (other pup won't leave behind a crumb), she then heads in to our room where we have an old (but clean) towel for her to lay on. For the most part, she knows to stay on it too.

Was hunting something in our computer files and side-barred to the pets file and was reminded that she will be 10 yrs old this June. She's been a good kitty for our Little Someone. And she handles both Danes with just a look... much like this look here...
(Although, this actually is a content look for her.)

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