Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Just Wanted to See it Written Somewhere...

  • Cook/Prepare Breakfast- daily
  • Clean kitchen/load dishes from Breakfast- daily
  • Mix Little Someone a 1:4 juice to water with fiber and fluoride drink- 3-4x/day
  • Cook/Prepare Lunch- daily
  • Clean kitchen/load dishes from Lunch- daily
  • Prepare a snack- 2x/day
  • Cook/Prepare Dinner- daily
  • Clean kitchen/load dishes from Dinner- daily
  • Clean baseboards- ha! ...when they get so bad it's not funny
  • Run dishwasher/Put away dishes- daily (occasionally a day might be skipped, if it was a light dish day)
  • Wash/hang out to dry two large dog beds, CLEAN washer out twice after dog beds are washed (yes, I'm obsessive like that)- approx. every 3 weeks
  • Retrieve mail, sort, throw away, file, keep to pay or read- daily
  • Clean bathtub- sprayed out daily/good clean as needed
  • Clean large walk-in shower- not as often as I'd like
  • Laundry- ha ... I mean really, it's just NOT funny. You know, I don't mind doing the laundry (and I sort it into 5-6 different 'types'). It's the folding/putting away that I don't like.
  • Dog hair- use the Swivel Sweeper a few times a week
  • Feeding the horses- we have 5 right now.

..... okay, have to stop for now.... I know this is incomplete, but I need to GET to some of these things!

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