Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nuff Said?

I'm one month away from Forty. I'm pregnant. I handle the WHOLE household (bills and ALL else)... plus five horses, two dogs and one cat. Oh, and my husband and I have a coming on three yr. old toddler.
I'm tired.


  1. Of course you're tired, darlin'! Just keeping up with a little someone is enough to run most people ragged... but then to be pregnant on top of it? *hugs*
    Maybe you do handle the WHOLE lot, but perhaps you should cut back a bit? Just sayin'.
    Put your feet up when you can, read a good book and just take care of YOU for a change.

    You need Tim Tams.
    That's what you need. ;-)

  2. AND, you will be on the South side of 60 when #2 grads from Hi-School!! I will be 75 in Dec. SOOOO... that puts me on the South side of 95 when I attend the Grad. party !! Think about that...Now lets get on with the day while we still can..Mr.D

  3. This is the MOST tired time - that first trimester. (And just so you know? That's a GREAT SIGN!! :) ) After that passes you will regain some of your former stamina, I think. So glad your mom is going to be able to help you. :) Glad all is going well!!!

    Thank you for all your kind words. I never appreciated being squishy until I had kids. They seem to like squishy!! LOL

  4. Or, as someone once said, "shift up and gas it"......

  5. I AM shifting up and gassing it!

  6. My mama could really relate to you! Only she was having her 6th child at 40. She's still tired! :)

  7. Thought I would see what you're up to. I had to start getting busier to keep up with you. Been wanting to start a blog of the ol'fashioned kind (LOL) so I cracked open a journal I had and made few entries. Maybe I will go high tech like you someday.

    At the end of the day, as long as everyone's fed and safe your job is done. Don't worry about the rest - at least for the next 2 years. Trust me!
    Mrs. S.


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